Freshers’ Fair


We’re going to be at at Fresher’s Fair!

On Thursday 29th September will we be hosting a stall at Fresher’s Fair taking sign-ups to the club.

Come see us, join up, or ask us any questions you have about the club – don’t be shy, climbers are a friendly bunch!

Signing up costs you the reduced price of £4 on the day of the Fair, and make sure you don’t wait too long to join us so that you avoid missing out on the legendary Fresher’s Trip!

Don’t worry – if you miss us at the fair you can still sign up at any point during the year for £5, and you can still contact us through any of the usual methods for any questions.

Cymru “Climbing”

You can’t stop it, I have lost control. Cymru “Climbing” Matt Boyd this time.

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“Jesus, another one?”

The man himself, Prebble. Unforgettable

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Shameless Self Promotion

Gola: 1001 Ways to Waste Time in a Tent Well we continue the photos of old club people, now it’s you Grew.

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Another Post

Still no other ideas on how to do this, but it is a great opportunity to show off some photos of the club that haven’t been seen for a while. 2 Fast 2 Fairhead

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The Climbs They Are A Changin’

Ummmm yea….so I don’t know how to do this, or how this will change how I post things, but for now I will do this: I wrote a new post, but this time I put it here:

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Pierce Goes Bouldering

Look, I never claimed to be a Mountaineer.  When you read these posts, you get exactly what you expect, the mumbled ravings of a lunatic brain-addled by caffeine which by some act of fate land in (barely) coherent sentences.  So I feel no guilt when I say this report is about a trip to Fairhead….for […]

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