QUBMC Presents – Andy Kirkpatrick

QUBMC are proud to welcome back Andy Kirkpatrick as part of his ‘Cold Mountain’ tour.

Tickets and more information here.

If you’ve never seen an Andy K talk, check out this link. You’re in for a treat! Youtube: Andy Kirkpatrick – Inappropriate Climbing

Cadden’s Thoughts: Blowing the On-sight


I have lost my mind almost entirely, and now that I have sailed to new found power and immunity, I seek to abuse this for my own amusement.  TL;DR Myles likes that I use the site lots, so he won’t let the powers that be take my posts down.  (TRY AND STOP ME JONNY!)

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Hen: A Crag for All Seasons


I’m really not even sure you guys read the reasons I give for picking songs.  I don’t blame you in the slightest.  Also, it has become increasingly hard to make any up, as I have used many of the justifications I can think of.  SO, here’s the drilly cuz (if you don’t know what that […]

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A Day at the Beach


Well, at first glance it seems this title is a little…..off.  Not really the thing to be on the Mountianeering Club site, eh?  WRONG.  Read farther and you shall come to understand. But first, this is as the kids say ‘My condiment of choice’ (my jam for all you oldsters).

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A Natural 7


So guys, between the music and the last bit, this one is a bit more……..something something.  Fear not, its still funny and uplifting, but I did end up being a bit preachy at the end, but in a good natured way.  So please read on. Here is a song I like, for now.

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PTSB: Post Traumatic Stressed Bearnagh


First off some quality tunes to begin (pronounced CHOOOOOONZZZ). Also, the format will be a bit……complicated, but I trust you are all intelligent enough to grasp what is happening. Finally, how many of those reading think they recognize the……….OTHER trip referred to? 😉

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“Well, what else were you going to do today?”

pet boulder mat

When I first looked for music to accompany this report I (of course, which will become apparent soon) hopped on “The U Tube” and searched bouldering music.  I was immediately bombarded with playlists, containing shitty loud dubstep (not even good dubstep) as well as those far-too well used songs we have heard in every boulder film ever. […]

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