Brit Rock a huge success!

I’d like to give a massive thanks to everyone who came down and supported the club! And especially like to thanks the guys who came down early to help set up and sell tickets. Thanks to you the the showing looked vaguely professional! Better yet it went off without a hitch and the club actually made a profit! Seriously though, it might sound obvious but if you guys didn’t come to these shows we wouldn’t be able to run them and we would miss out on some great opportunities! Photos from the night will be uploaded soon.

If you were busy yesterday and are sad you missed the chance to throw money at the club, we have confirmed Andy Kirkpatrick for December 17th! More info to be confirmed but Andy’s talks are always as hilarious as they are daftly impressive.

Money burning a hole in your wallet and you don’t think you can wait until December?  You can get your philanthropic fix by going to freshers trip! Think of it as a more interactive film tour, but with less film and more alcohol! It is £20 for the trip , come sign up at the wall, and details are found above under the “Trips” tab. But come down and sign up quickly, there are only 50 spaces and the trip fills up quick!

Brit Rock 2014!

We’re proud to announce we are hosting the Brit Rock film tour! The only screening in the North and the first in Ireland, the tour covers the best (and the daftest) in extreme sports in the UK. With films on mountain biking, kayaking and fell running this is not just for hardcore climbers. When: October 8th, […]

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Outdoor instructor; Summer jobs!

We got an email from Rory Martin, the new activity manager at Colin Glen Trust.  They are looking for “Casual Activity Instructors” over the summer and wanted to know if any of our members were interested. It seems like a pretty casual job, zero hour contract at the like. They just want people who know […]

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Gola Island

This is without a doubt the best trip of the year. Awe inspiring scenery, usually fantastic weather, more climbing than you can shake a hex at and as much getting drunk around a campfire on a beach on an uninhabited island as you can handle. In all seriousness if you can go then do!!! We got […]

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AGM – The Results!


Good turn out to last nights Annual General Meeting (AGM). Those who didn’t turn up – for shame! Congratulations to everybody voted into the Executive and Ordinary Committee positions for next year. No doubt you will all do an excellent job! Below is a list of the new committee members for next year.

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Peak Trip


Peak Trip   When: 12th-19th April Where: the lovely North Lees Campsite beside the awesome Stanage edge – looks like this:

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QUB Mountaineering Club AGM

frehsers rep

This years AGM will take place this week. Details of the venue are listed below along with a list of the nominees.

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