Another Post

Still no other ideas on how to do this, but it is a great opportunity to show off some photos of the club that haven’t been seen for a while.

2 Fast 2 Fairhead


The Climbs They Are A Changin’


Ummmm yea….so I don’t know how to do this, or how this will change how I post things, but for now I will do this: I wrote a new post, but this time I put it here:

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Pierce Goes Bouldering


Look, I never claimed to be a Mountaineer.  When you read these posts, you get exactly what you expect, the mumbled ravings of a lunatic brain-addled by caffeine which by some act of fate land in (barely) coherent sentences.  So I feel no guilt when I say this report is about a trip to Fairhead….for […]

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A Practically Pointless Peak Trip: Part 3


Impressed as you all must be (for who could not be?) by my ability to talk for great distances of time, and great periods of space, the Peak reports are at an end (thank god).  If you made it this far, well you might as well finish it hadn’t you.

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Moving When Climbing


In a vague attempt to create a kind of basic online reference I am going to start trying to write a (small) series of articles on here, explaining different aspects of climbing and how you can use them to improve. Hopefully. I mean, that’s the plan. Bear with me if it’s just drivel. I’m not […]

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Balance and Tension


Who’s psyched for the second installment of ‘Alex does a bad job of explaining things he doesn’t understand: The Climbing Edition’? (No, me neither…)

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Types of Holds and How to Use Them


I never thought I’d see the day when a joke article would get fewer up votes than a real one, especially in this club. So, back to actual advice it is… In the previous articles, I’ve used terms to discuss holds and moves, but didn’t explain them, so this time I thought I’d go through […]

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