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Christmas Dinner

WHERE:   Dukes Hotel, Botanic, Belfast
WHEN:   18th December
Cost:   £20, £10 deposit for Thursday 28th Nov

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El Chorro 2013 Video, Finally Done!

Enjoy 😀

Donegal Rampage – Jousting, Rain and a Boulder Problem

The Donegal trad trip went off without a hitch – the roads on the way were shit, they were still shit when we left (few more wombles on the way back), we climbed some things by the sea trying our best not to have the Atlantic get angry at us (a thought spared for those who had a “it’ll never get me here” – Jaws type moment) – sorry Betsi…

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EGM (Freshers Rep Time!)

So it’s November and all the freshers should be settled in by now! Between club nights, Tuesdays at the pub, Freshers Trip, Pub Crawl and house partys; there have been plenty of social events for you guys to mingle and get to know the club oldies! That’s why we waited until now to elect a Freshers Representative. [Read more…]