Your Committee

President – Neil Dickson

Hi, I’m Neil and I am the President for 2017/18 – starting my second year at Queens studying Aerospace Engineering. My job as head of the committee is to make sure that the club functions well and to get everyone psyched for climbing. So please come and say hi or feel free to ask me any questions that you may have, I’m always keen to chat about mountains!

I have been climbing for a few years but I have been hillwalking and camping for a lot longer. I have been fortunate enough to have climbed in many interesting and inspiring places. I have done three winter trips to Scotland, highlights of which include climbing on the North Face of Ben Nevis and climbing the Inaccessible Pinnacle on Skye. I have also done three alpine trips which included summiting Mont Blanc, climbing the Cosmiques Arete and summiting the Monte Rosa as well as plenty more other adventures. Whilst I have also been sport climbing in Spain, my favourite aspect of climbing is traditional (trad) climbing. I have trad climbed in Scotland, Wales and all over Ireland at Fairhead, Donegal, Dalkey Quarry and Kerry but my favourite place to climb is my local Mourne Mountains.

I look forward to meeting you and hope to see you down at the wall during club time!

Vice President – Conor Cadden

Hey guys, my name is Conor, but call me Cadden (as there are several Conor’s in the club).  I’m this year’s Vice President.

What does this actually mean?  I’m the committee-designated ‘old guy who helps out’.  That ranges from teaching to organising and being as friendly as possible to new members.  If you can’t find any other committee members to chat to come find me and I’ll do my best.

I have been an active member of QUBMC since 2012, and climbing since 2011.  I just love being outdoors- mainly walking, runs up and down Donard/Commedagh in the Mournes, but my hands down favourite is Trad Climbing.

Other than climbing I must admit I don’t do very much, but I have just finished my Masters in Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics here at Queens.  I would say that being part of QUBMC really added to my university experience, and made it way more enjoyable. 

Secretary – Jonathan Luke Gelston

I started climbing last September with a short course in Scotland and since then joined QUBMC to push myself to where I am today. Would love to do some proper ice-climbing and even some big wall in the future, however quite content with pushing my grade in the meantime. Enjoy taking photos of our trips and I also run and do some orienteering when I can.

Treasurer – Clare Kearney

Hello I’m Clare and I am your Treasurer for this term. I am going into my final year as an English student here at Queens. I joined the Mountaineering Club in my first year and haven’t left since. Joining the club made a massive difference to my Uni experience. In my first year, I did the usual “join everything’ at the fresher’s fair, Mountaineering being one of them. I had always wanted to climb before joining but never really thought about it in much detail, en plus Fresher’s week had a lot of other things going on. On top of being a bit shy, I was unsure whether or not I would enjoy climbing, however one evening coming out of city centre, my friend reminded me that club time was on that night, I showed up in a pair of dungaree’s, not prepared at all and loved it. My main friend group is QUBMC and I’m so glad I turned up that cold evening to the climbing wall.

Anyway, my job in the club is to communicate deal with the money, and take your money “only’ when it comes to trips. I basically have the power to buy anything for the club, but of course Neil the president and John-Luke the secretary are there to keep me in check. I will be down at every club time during term time so come and say hi, and outside of club times I’ll be swinging about Boulderworld on the Boucher road.

Webmaster – Peter Stevenson

Hey, I’m Peter. I have been with the club a year now, doing Business Information Technology at QUB, and have ended up with the role of Webmaster for the 2016/17 period.

I began climbing back in September and it quickly became my favourite sport. Since then, I’ve had the chance to climb in a number of locations, including Scotland, Donegal and my personal favourite, a sport climbing trip in Spain (a trip we go on near the start of the 2nd semester). You won’t see me about much this year as I’m on a study abroad trip in the US, but when I’m home you can either find me being a general nuisance at the wall/Boulderworld, or in the pub.

My job is to manage the club website & social media. If you want to ask me anything, or would like something to be posted , feel free to let me know.

 Gear Secretary – William “Billy” Beck

Been climbing a year, bit of a punter and a yobbo. “He’d kill his mum for a trip to the Mournes”. Second year mechanical engineering.

You can find me at Boulderworld on Mondays and Wednesdays. I’m gear sec, so if you want gear fire me a message, or just ask, I should be at the wall most club nights – I’ll be the one trying as hard as I can to avoid my responsibilities (but the photo below should also help with identifying me…).

Meets Secretary – Conall Gilmore

Heyo! I’m Conall and I’ll be this year’s meets secretary. What does this entail you ask? It is the intricate, elaborate and convoluted task of booking stuff. Well, with the permission of Clare I can do it, so I am essentially her bitch.

I’ve been in the club for three years now and have just left Queens with a History Degree, and I have no notion of what the next move is so I’m up for getting in as much climbing as possible!

I also enjoy the sophisticated children’s card game Magic the Gathering and will work from the inside to create the QUBM(M)C with the aid of some other losers with little respect for themselves.

I look forward to getting to know you all and making you get into the bitterly cold and painfully fun activity of climbing in the Mournes! We will learn together. #TraddenwithCadden


Development Officer – Andrew Woods

I’m Andrew, your Development Officer for 2016-2017 and I am currently on my placement year of a Masters Degree in Computer Games Development.

My role is to work with club members to ensure they learn the skills needed to climb safely and efficiently as well as improve your ability! I’ve been a keen climber for about 8 years, although joining the club 3 years ago opened my eyes to the fact that there was more to climbing than pulling on plastic. I’ve been out ice climbing and winter mountaineering in Scotland, sport climbing in Spain and traditional climbing and hillwalking all over the place. I try my best to be a sociable creature so definitely come and say hi if you see me at club time or around Belfast.

If you have any queries about climbing, the club or anything really ask away and I’ll do my best to answer. I try to spend a lot of time climbing, either training at boulderworld and the ozone or heading to Fairhead or the Mournes and I’m always keen for new climbing buddies. Sport climbing and bouldering are definitely my comfortable climbing types, however I enjoy testing my limits on traditional climbing too. Outside of climbing I enjoy gaming, biking and playing/listening to music. ADVICE: Really get stuck in and go on as many trips as possible, the club is like a big family, filled with people you enjoy spending time with (most of the time) and it can grow to be a massively enjoyable aspect of your university life.

Mountaineering Officer – Conor McNamara

Hi I’m Conor/ Conor McNamara/ McNamara and I’m your Mountaineering Officer this next year!

I’m a final year Mechanical Engineering student and I started climbing two years ago when I joined the club. I’ve been hiking and camping and stuff for years though. Since joining the club I’ve been to the Mournes countless times, Kerry, Donegal, Gola, Owey, and the Peak District. I’ve been to Spain once as well (no good ever comes from sport climbing, I tell ya!). I’ve been on two Scottish winter trips and was in the Alps this past summer as well!

My hope for the year is to get everyone else as keen and excited to go outdoors, whatever it’s for! I hope to weed out the cowards and develop the hardest bunch of adventurer’s the world has ever seen! Or at least ones that can nav…
See you outside/at the pub!

PR Officer – Katie Stott

Hello I’m Katie, your PR Officer! I am a second year PhD student researching cancer.

My role in the committee is to promote the club and to organise social activities outside of climbing sessions, so keep an eye out for our first themed pub crawl! I joined the club last year in a bid to meet people outside of the lab and I was last years nominated freshers rep.

My favourite type of climbing is sport climbing probably because of the amazing time I had on the trip to El Chorro in Spain. The climbing was suitable for all levels, allowing me to develop my skills and to complete my first multi-pitch climb! The rest of the trip involved beautiful walks and hilarious wine-fuelled evenings.

My confession is I’m slightly scared of heights (I know I’m in the wrong sport) but the support within the club and the combined experience of our older members has helped me to learn these skills and overcome my fears to enjoy this wonderful sport! I hope to see you around the wall!