Your Committee

President – Andrew Woods

Hi I’m Andrew, your president for 2016-2017 (God help you all) and I am starting my third year of a masters in Computer Games Development at Queens. My job is to make sure the committee don’t slack and make sure the poorly lubricated club that is QUBMC survives the year!

I’ve been a keen climber for about 7 years, although joining the club 2 years ago opened my eyes to the fact that there was more to climbing than pulling on plastic. I’ve been out ice climbing and winter mountaineering in Scotland, sport climbing in Spain and traditional climbing and hillwalking all over the place.

I try my best to be a sociable creature so definitely come and say hi if you see me about Queens. If you have any queries about climbing, the club or anything really ask away and I’ll do my best to answer. I spend a daft amount of time climbing, either training at boulderworld and the ozone or heading to Fairhead or the mournes and I’m always keen for new climbing buddies. Sport climbing and bouldering are definitely my comfortable climbing types, however I enjoy testing my limits on traditional climbing too. Outside of climbing I enjoy gaming, biking and playing/listening to music.

ADVICE FOR THE YEAR: Do not submit to the siren voice of the gym, the only reason I have some of these “weight-lifters” on committee is to keep a closer eye on them.

Climbing is LOVE Climbing is LIFE


Vice President – Chris Connolly

Hey folks, I’m Chris, and I’m this year’s Vice President.

My role in the committee is simply to lend a hand when and wherever it’s needed. I’m also here to stand in and lead the club when Andrew gets his balls in a twist. I’ve been an active  member of the club since 2011(injury permitting) so I have a fairly decent idea of how the club works at this stage.

While climbing indoors on plastic isn’t my cup of tea, I love the outdoors- whether it’s climbing, walking, mountaineering or, my personal favourite, ice climbing.

Outside of climbing I enjoy attempting to move heavy things, and have just started the final year of my PhD in radiation biology.

Some people are intimidated by me; don’t worry, there’s a support group.


Secretary – Clare Kearney

Hello I’m Clare and I am your secretary for this term. I am going into my 2nd year as an English student here at Queens. Joining last year when I started Uni. I understand how daunting and scary it is trying to fit in and meeting new people, however, the mountaineering club is like a third home to me (my second home being my home in Belfast, I’m a culchie). I had never been climbing before I joined the club, and you could even say that when I joined, I used to climb a little, now I climb a lot.

My job in the club is to communicate with you folks via. Email, in which I provide you with details and info about events in the club and the climbing world, and of course I am also the person who ensures that all trip goers are insured.

I will be down at every club time during term time so come and say hi, and outside of club times I’ll be swinging about Boulderworld on the odd (odd) occasion.


Treasurer – Micheál Murphy

Hi I’m Micheál and I’m the club’s treasurer. Feel free to approach me if you’d like to join the club, pay for membership, trips etc or if you simply have general queries about the club.

Like most members I only got into climbing when I joined uni two years ago. Coming in as a non-climber/mountaineer I know how it feels to be a beginner, from forgetting things I’d been taught, not knowing very many people at the start and worrying in case I’d be judged for being rubbish!  Since then climbing has become an absolute passion. From climbing across Ireland, Croatia and Spain to the high peaks of the French Alps it’s been a pretty surreal experience.

With that said it hasn’t only been about the trips. The people I’ve meet, lifelong friendships I’ve made and support I’ve felt has really made my uni experience what it is.


Webmaster – Joe Cargill

Hey, I’m Joe. I have been with the club for two years now, doing Computer Science at QUB, and have consequently ended up with the role of Webmaster for the 2016/17 period.

I only started with climbing upon joining the club, and, despite being terrible at it, it has won its place as my favourite sport, with bouldering and sport-climbing beating out dirty trad messiness – especially so after getting to experience outdoor sport climbing in Spain (a trip we go on near the start of the 2nd semester).

My job in the club is to manage the club website & Facebook page, and make sure anything that is broken doesn’t break any further. If you want to ask me anything, point out how terrible the website may be, or request I share something on the club page, slide into my DMs.


Gear Secretary – Colin Walsh

Hi folks, I’m Colin and I’ll be handling the role of Gear Secretary/Q for the 2016/2017 year. This means if you’re looking to borrow some of the club’s fancy gear for a climbing trip I’m the guy to talk to.

Ever the associate thorn in the committee’s side I’m in the covetable position of not having a degree to do, all this means I’ll have plenty of time to hassle the mob about returning gear on time and in working order.

When I’m not struggling to climb the things someone who has climbed as long as I have should have no bother with I enjoy playing guitar, video-games and moving slightly less heavy things around with Chris.


Meets Secretary – Conall Gilmore

Heyo! I’m Conall and I’ll be this year’s meets secretary. What does this entail you ask? It is the intricate, elaborate and convoluted task of booking stuff. Well with the permission of Master Michaél I can do it, so I am essentially his bitch.

I’ve been in the club for two years now and have just left Queens with a History Degree, and I have no notion of what the next move is so I’m up for getting in as much climbing as possible!

I also enjoy the sophisticated children’s card game Magic the Gathering and will work from the inside to create the QUBM(M)C with the aid of some other losers with little respect for themselves.

I look forward to getting to know you all and making you get into the bitterly cold and painfully fun activity of climbing in the Mournes! We will learn together. #TraddenwithCadden


Development Officer – Stephen Grew

Hey guys, I’m Steve, and I’m this year’s Development Officer / Resident old person. Being a senior citizen I’m not a student like all you young bucks (I work as a special needs educational assistant in a secondary school). I have been in the club for 6 years now and this will be my 4th year on the committee (3rd year as Development Officer).

My job is to show you the ropes (bad pun intended) and to teach you how to become a gravity scorning madman/madwoman. This means that apart from organising training sessions, you will often see me at the wall shouting at people to try the “silly” thing while poking them with a stick.

Outside of teaching I enjoy heading out into the hills for a spot of bouldering or trad climbing, though being an old person with responsibilities (job) I don’t get out as often as I’d like. More often you will find me at boulderworld doing my best to ruin my tendons.

See you at the wall!!


Mountaineering Officer – Kevin Cheung

Hi I’m Kevin and I’m your Mountaineering Officer for the year.

I’ve been in the club for 6 years now, and since graduating, I’ve worked for an unnamed engineering firm designing undisclosed products, and spent the last few years working as an outdoor instructor. Yes, that is a real job.

Mountaineering and climbing wise, I’ve experience in all disciplines; Hill-walking, Alpinism, Winter, Trad, Sport, and Bouldering. I’ve been all over Ireland, Spain, Morocco, India, Japan and China playing with each discipline. With several expeditions to China I’ve been able to bag a couple of first ascents and new routes over 5000m. I was also in Kyrgyzstan in Summer 2016. 

If you’ve any questions, or you want to climb, walk, head to the pub, feel free to give me a shout.

Oh and I like the Lion King


PR Officer – Louise Erwin

Hi! My name’s Louise and I’m your PR secretary for the year! My role in the club is to organise thrilling activities for us all outside of our bi-weekly PEC and pub seshes.

I joined the club last year as an associate while I was working as a care assistant and this year I’m hyped to be joining as a first year mental health nursing student! If you’re also a first year come chat with me and we can commiserate over our freshers angst together.

My favourite club trip was the sport climbing trip to El Chorro in Spain. It’s tough to beat climbing stunning limestone by day and drinking cheap Spanish wine by night, surrounded by all of your favourite degenerates.

In September I’ll have just finished #findingmyself around southeast Asia and Sri Lanka over summer. If you’re not sure which committee member I am just look for the lost girl suffering from post holiday blues.

When I’m not making inappropriate grunts while climbing you’ll probably find me sipping exciting ciders through a straw in Parlour bar – in-between just being a general delight.