“Well, what else were you going to do today?”

When I first looked for music to accompany this report I (of course, which will become apparent soon) hopped on “The U Tube” and searched bouldering music.  I was immediately bombarded with playlists, containing shitty loud dubstep (not even good dubstep) as well as those far-too well used songs we have heard in every boulder film ever.  Instead I have gone searching a-far and found this little gem.

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The Un-Official Freshers’ Trip Report

Now that that’s out of the way, I give to you, the REAL version.  I have taken the liberty (and as such disobey Jonny’s explicit orders) of writing this, the true events that occurred throughout.  Let us begin with a song which will resonate with many of you (you all know who you are) who were not the most……dignified of people.

DISCLAIMER: A tradition of recent has been to have no photos of freshers’ trip, to avoid embarrassment.  In keeping with this, I shall remove most of the names associated with the more shameful acts performed.

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