Welcome aboard, freshers!

It’s that time of year again- the freshers of last year have either run away, notably shouting things like ‘you do this for fun!?’ or look so miserable we now call them ‘experienced.’ We successfully recruited nearly 100 fresh faces at the Freshers’ Fair and had our first official club time of the semester on Tuesday.

So while we wait for Queen’s to give us all of your email addresses, what can you expect over the coming weeks?

If you haven’t already signed up and paid for membership, now is the time to do so. Look for one of the committee, hand them £5 and be done with it! Those that signed up at the fair are now permitted to buy sweets (and give them to the committee) with the £1 they saved.

Club times, if you don’t already know, are on Tuesdays at 19:00 – 22:00 (followed by the pub) and Thursdays 17:00 – 19:00. A few people have asked if they have to come to every session; absolutely not. Come down as little or as much as you like. Coming down once per week as a fresher is advised though, just so that you can get to know people.

Freshers’ Trip is the 16th, 17th and 18th of October. The cost is £20 to students, again look for committee at the climbing wall if you want to sign up. See here for more info.

Further away for those poor souls that have jobs and need to book time off, the next trip will be sea cliff climbing in Donegal. More info will come closer to the time but accommodation is confirmed for 13th – 15th November.

See you at the wall!



An Evening of Expedition Stories

expedition talk

An evening of adventure stories by mountaineering club members past and present. Presentations to include the QUBMC 2012 expedition to central Asia by Conor Gilmour. Dawson Stelfox to speak about his approach to high and remote peaks. Alek Zholobenko’s adventures on an unclimbed Himalayan North face. And tales of Jonathan McCloy’s expedition to Greenland. Students and aspiring new mountaineering club members are especially welcome!

£4 entry. All proceeds go towards the next QUBMC Kyrgyzstan expedition in 2016.

7pm Friday 25th Sept 2015

Queen’s University Lanyon Building Room 01/052

Cotswold’s Gear Night!


This Tuesday, 4th November, (Tomorrow!) the awesome guys at Cotswolds Outdoor are bringing a tonne of gear down to the PEC climbing wall and it’s all on discount! If you are new to the club this is the best time to buy gear. They do a freshers deal with harness, belay plate and screwgate. What every climber needs to get started. But they best thing will be the range of shoes! You can try on climbing shoes and get advice from the Cots guys themselves on fit and performance. These guys do not work on commission so don’t worry about being sold something you don’t need. If you have been in the club a while and need some bits and bobs this is a good chance for you to!

Club time tomorrow!
Ps. If you have cash instead of card things will go quicker / your life will be easier!

Rubik’s Cube Pub Crawl

This Thursday is the first pub crawl of the year!
It’s £2 per person (£3 if you don’t turned up dressed like a multi-coloured nutjob) and all money will go to Mourne Mountain rescue.So not only is it an excuse to get drunk, you are getting drunk for charity! Your hangover will save lives!

Crawl Rules

  • Wear 6 different coloured pieces of clothes that you don’t care about losing. Red, White, Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow.
  • Accessories like a pair of gloves or ear muffs count.
  • Each person can make 1 swap of clothing per pub with the aim being to get 6 pieces of the one colour by the end of the night. Like a solved rubiks cube.
  • Drink vouchers will be handed out to anyone in the last pub who presents themselves correctly to the most sober committee member present.
  • If a soberish committee member is not available a high functioning alcoholic committee member should be slapped in the face a few times to revive them.
  • Public nudity is officially not permitted (Unofficially it is only frowned upon in the mildest possible fashion)

Chances are you will never see the items of clothing again so don’t wear anything expensive! We recommend heading to charity shops, Primark or pound shops to pick stuff up on the cheap!

Pub Schedule

  1. Meet from 18.00 In Madison’s – catch the cocktail deal. This is a warm up pub for hardcore, Rubix swapping is not permitted yet to give people a chance to get out of uni and get sorted.
  2. 19:00-19:45 The Empire
  3. 19:15 Explain the Rules, collect money and commence swapping.
  4. 20:00-20:30 Lavery’s Downstairs
  5. 20:45-21:30 The Parlour
  6. 21:45-22-15 Ryan’s
  7. 22.25-23:10 Cuckoo
  8. 23.25-23.55 The Eglantine Inn
  9. 00.00-Kickout The Bot, Final swap chance and presentation of solved colours at 00:15

Hope you guys have recovered from the freshers trip!

Brit Rock a huge success!

I’d like to give a massive thanks to everyone who came down and supported the club! And especially like to thanks the guys who came down early to help set up and sell tickets. Thanks to you the the showing looked vaguely professional! Better yet it went off without a hitch and the club actually made a profit! Seriously though, it might sound obvious but if you guys didn’t come to these shows we wouldn’t be able to run them and we would miss out on some great opportunities! Photos from the night will be uploaded soon.

If you were busy yesterday and are sad you missed the chance to throw money at the club, we have confirmed Andy Kirkpatrick for December 17th! More info to be confirmed but Andy’s talks are always as hilarious as they are daftly impressive.

Money burning a hole in your wallet and you don’t think you can wait until December?  You can get your philanthropic fix by going to freshers trip! Think of it as a more interactive film tour, but with less film and more alcohol! It is £20 for the trip , come sign up at the wall, and details are found above under the “Trips” tab. But come down and sign up quickly, there are only 50 spaces and the trip fills up quick!