Club Documents

1. Governing Constitution of QUB Mountaineering Club:

The governing constitution of QUB Mountaineering Club provides all the necessary information about how the club operates, from committee positions and roles to financial and general meeting procedures. A copy of the constitution may be found by clicking on the following link:

2. Blues Awards:

Queen’s University recognises sporting achievement and excellence through the presentation of a Blues Award, an award whose criteria are unique to individual sports clubs within the university. If you are interested in applying for a Full or Half Blues, a copy of the Blues criteria for QUB Mountaineering Club may be found here:

3. Route Setting

If you are interested in setting some routes or bouldering problems at the PEC Climbing wall, arrange to meet with the Development Officer of QUB Mountaineering Club and they will sort you out. A copy of the rules and regulations regarding route setting may be found here:

4. Associate Membership:

If you are interested in becoming a member of QUB Mountaineering Club, but are not a student at Queen’s University Belfast then you will have to apply to join the club. This is achieved by filling in an “Associate Application Form” and emailing it to QUB Mountaineering Club. The committee will decide upon the success of the application at the next committee meeting, and reply in due course. Please note that associate membership is £25 for the year, and does not include personal liability insurance. A copy of the application form may be found here:

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