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President – Pearce Nicholl

I’m Pearce and I will be the president for 2018/2019. I am starting the first year of my PhD in physics at QUB and, as this is my 5th year in this club, I decided to stop being a complete drain on resources and put my years of questionable experience to use.

I am a jack-of-all trades when it comes to climbing, and have spent time traditional, sport, and mixed climbing across Scotland, Ireland and further abroad. This summer I had my first trip to the alps, which was a fantastic experience of mountaineering and climbing in a great location. If I had to pick I would say that my best experience outdoors was my first trad climb in Donegal, as I had never climbed prior to joining QUBMC.

I might not be the strongest climber, but I am enthusiastic and always up to chat so never feel afraid to come talk to me about anything the club does or the activities we participate in. Honestly, my time in uni would have been much worse without this club so don’t be shy, we are always keen to meet someone new.

Vice President – Neil Dickson

Hi, I’m Neil and I am the Vice President for 2017/18 – starting my third year at Queens studying Aerospace Engineering. My job is to make sure that the club functions well and to get everyone psyched for climbing. So please come and say hi or feel free to ask me any questions that you may have, I’m always keen to chat about mountains!

I have been climbing for a few years but I have been hillwalking and camping for a lot longer. I have been fortunate enough to have climbed in many interesting and inspiring places. I have done three winter trips to Scotland, highlights of which include climbing on the North Face of Ben Nevis and climbing the Inaccessible Pinnacle on Skye. I have also done three alpine trips which included summiting Mont Blanc, climbing the Cosmiques Arete and summiting the Monte Rosa as well as plenty more other adventures. Whilst I have also been sport climbing in Spain, my favourite aspect of climbing is traditional (trad) climbing. I have trad climbed in Scotland, Wales and all over Ireland at Fairhead, Donegal, Dalkey Quarry and Kerry but my favourite place to climb is my local Mourne Mountains.

I look forward to meeting you and hope to see you down at the wall during club time!

Secretary – Orla Mac

Hi I’m Orla and I’m the secretary for this year. If you have any questions about emails and trips or you just fancy a chat you can find me down at the wall during club time. I’m a second year Geography student here at Queens and when I’m not climbing you’ll find me sailing around Dundrum Bay. Always loved hiking around the Mournes so decided to join the club when I started uni. I didn’t have much climbing experience but I’ve come a long way since then. Personally I know you can learn at lot from the club but what you get out of it is very much what you put it in, make the effort!

Treasurer – Clare Kearney

Hey, my name is Will and I am the Treasurer for 2018/19. I am a postgraduate student, in my second year of a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

I joined the club when I started at Queens in 2017 and I have to say, best decision I have made since coming to Belfast. Climbing is for everyone and being a part of QUBMC can give you lots of experiences, whether you are just beginning to climb or are a more advanced climber. Before I joined QUBMC, I had only really climbed indoors. The club has helped me get the skills necessary to tackle outdoor routes in Ireland and Scotland. So if you fancy pushing your limits, come find us at the PEC on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Always great to meet new people.

Webmaster – Matthew Elliott

Hey, I’m Matthew. I joined QUBMC Back in 2016 and have been climbing ever since. I’ve had the chance to climb in a number of locations, including Scotland, Donegal and my personal favourite, a sport climbing trip in Spain (a trip we go on near the start of the 2nd semester).

This year I will be part of QUBMC in spirit but not in body. I’m down in Dublin on a placement year but I will see you all come summer 2019!

 Gear Secretary – Alex Kok
Hi, I’m Alex and i’m the Gear secretary for 2018/2019 – I’m currently a year 2 Architecture student at Queens. My job as Gear Secretary is to make sure all the Gear in the store is in place and to rent out any piece of equipment to the members when they need it. If you need to know anything about gear i’ll be at the wall during club time!
I have been an active member of QUBMC since 2017.  I just love being outdoors- mainly trail running and participating in obstacle course races. I would say that being part of QUBMC really added to my university experience, and made it way more enjoyable.

My job is to manage the club website & social media. If you want to ask me anything, or would like something to be posted , feel free to let me know

Meets Secretary – Lenni Chen

L – Legit banter wagon

E – Edgy hiker, climbing is for chads

N – Natural successor to Cheung Dynasty

N – Nominated for hottest left ear lobe 2013

I – Innovator, entrepreneur, philantropist

Development Officer – Ian Lemon

Hi there, my name is Ian and I am this year’s Development Officer. I’m in my third year of Physics with medical applications and it’s also my third year with QUBMC.

As Development Officer my role is to work with all members so that they can climb safely and learn new skills. Hopefully everyone gets a chance to see there is much more to climbing than what you can do indoors. I enjoyed hiking when I was younger and have been climbing now for a few years. Despite my role I am still learning, but maybe I can give you a few pointers and save you some time.

Some of the best things about the club are the trips and the experiences you can gain from them, not only are they a relatively cheap “holiday” but they’re the best way to get to know like-minded people. I have done winter mountaineering and mixed climbing in Scotland with the club along with a trip to the Alps with a few other club members. At the other end of the spectrum is the club sport climbing trip to Spain but you can’t beat home when it comes to my favourite type of climbing, trad/traditional. This is possible all over the world but can be done locally in the Mourne Mountains and at Fairhead. The club also has trips to Donegal and one of my favourites; a week-long stay on Gola (an island off the Donegal coast).

All I can say is get stuck in and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask, Hopefully I’ll see you about climbing soon!

Mountaineering Officer – Conor McNamara

Hi I’m Conor/ Conor McNamara/ McNamara and I’m your Mountaineering Officer this next year!

I have just finished Mechanical Engineering at QUB. I started climbing three years ago when I joined the club. I’ve been hiking and camping and stuff for years though. Since joining the club I’ve been to the Mournes countless times, Kerry, Donegal, Gola, Owey, and the Peak District. I’ve been to Spain once as well (no good ever comes from sport climbing, I tell ya!). I’ve been on two Scottish winter trips and was in the Alps this past summer as well!

My hope for the year is to get everyone else as keen and excited to go outdoors, whatever it’s for! I hope to weed out the cowards and develop the hardest bunch of adventurer’s the world has ever seen! Or at least ones that can nav…
See you outside/at the pub!

PR Officer – Katie Stott

Hello I’m Katie, your PR Officer! I am a second year PhD student researching cancer.

My role in the committee is to promote the club and to organise social activities outside of climbing sessions, so keep an eye out for our first themed pub crawl! I joined the club last year in a bid to meet people outside of the lab and I was last years nominated freshers rep.

My favourite type of climbing is sport climbing probably because of the amazing time I had on the trip to El Chorro in Spain. The climbing was suitable for all levels, allowing me to develop my skills and to complete my first multi-pitch climb! The rest of the trip involved beautiful walks and hilarious wine-fuelled evenings.

My confession is I’m slightly scared of heights (I know I’m in the wrong sport) but the support within the club and the combined experience of our older members has helped me to learn these skills and overcome my fears to enjoy this wonderful sport! I hope to see you around the wall!

Freshers Rep – Jonny Hume

Hey, I’m Johnny – but you’ll probably recognise me when you hear people patronisingly shouting, “Go on freshers rep!” as I’m climbing. I’m a first-year software engineering student with a love of the outdoors and newfound passion for climbing. I decided to join the committee as after 2 or 3 club nights I realised just how great a bunch of people the QUBMC really are. Also, it really expanded my weekly routine of coding and drinking; to coding, climbing and drinking, so I’m very grateful.

Anyway, so my job is to set up the club merch and organise the Christmas dinner, alongside being a voice for new members in the club. I’ll be at club times and at boulder world on Mondays, so feel free to come over for a chat or to heckle me for being a terrible climber. See you around!

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