AGM 27th March

AGM 27th March
This is a chance for you to have your say in the running of your club! Remember guys this club is run by students for students and without the dedication people voluntarily put in a lot of you wouldn’t even know how to climb, never mind the awesome trip opportunities that you’ve been offered.
This means coming along to the meeting, making nominations or running for committee positions and thinking about what you’d like to see happen in the club over the next year.
Some positions in the committee are more active than others (often depending on who takes them on), if you would like to know anything more about the post ask the current holder, the positions and their current holders are;
Executive committee
President Stuart Abraham – critical to the running off the club, does a lot of interaction with Queen’s and P.E.C staff, should be visible and approachable (i.e. around at club time), good organisation and delegation skills will help.
Secretary – Róisín Malone – takes minutes at committee meetings, sends emails out and organises documents needed for trips, if you can write and read your capable of this one.
Treasurer – Alex Mc Calman – controls club finances, authorises payments, takes trip fees, useful skills include good organisation and being a dab hand with a spread sheet.
Vice President – Michael Campbell – picks up any slack in the committee duties (either when there’s a lot on or if someone can’t perform their duties for any particular reason). Generally a role for someone with experience who can offer help and advice if the president needs it.
Gear Secretary – Niall Browne This person gets all the lovely shiny things to look after, in charge of gear borrowing, buying, and keeping an inventory and a tidy store. Knowledge of gear is obviously a big help for this one.
Development Officer – Steven Grew – Organise training for members. An idea of what your doing while on the wall is a must for this role.
Mountaineer Officer – Thomas O’Hagan – promote mountaineering activities within the club, make sure those who enjoy a good walk in the hills are getting their fill and promote teaching of navigation and rope skills. Any one whose got a real love for the hills is ideal.
Public Relations Officer – Dermot Brennan – This role puts you in charge of the clubs social life, you can organise all the fun you want! A people person is what we need for this.
Web master – Myles Grey – keep the beautiful website that Myles has created up to date and oversee facebook and any other club presence on the internet. Computer knowledge essential.
Meets Secretary – Matthew Ford – Price trip possibilities and consider feasible dates and travel arrangements.
All nominations must be submitted by the 19th March and seconded by another club member, self nomination is fine. Associates are not eligible to hold executive positions.
All this info is available in more detail if you read the club’s constitution.

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