AGM – The Results!


Good turn out to last nights Annual General Meeting (AGM). Those who didn’t turn up – for shame!

Congratulations to everybody voted into the Executive and Ordinary Committee positions for next year. No doubt you will all do an excellent job! Below is a list of the new committee members for next year.

President: Stephen Rooney
Secretary: Michael Campbell
Treasurer: Jonathan Neilly
Vice-President: Stuart Abraham
Mountaineering Officer: Niall Browne
Development Officer: Alex McCalman
Gear Secretary: Stephen Grew
Meets Secretary: Thomas Prebble
Public Relations Officer: Thomas O’Hagan
Web Master: Myles Gray

As with every year, a multitude of different awards are handed out in recognition of individual feats of excellence, narrow escapes and utterances of pure greatness. Below is a list of the winners of the individual categories.

(i) Outstanding Commitment to QUB Mountaineering Club – The award to an individual who has made a huge contribution to the club through the  provision of guidance and assistance to the committee, commitment to teaching and giving up extensive amounts of time in the process. 

Winner: Niall Browne

(ii) Fresher of the Year – The award to the Fresher who has made a positive impact on the club through their enthusiasm for everything the club runs throughout the year. 

Winner: Jonathan Neilly

(iii) The John Begley Safety AwardA tongue in cheek award presented to the individual who has had a very lucky escape whilst climbing with the club this year.

Winner: Jordan Miles (for falling off Quare Crack on Hen Mountain and sustaining a broken foot).

(iv) The John O’Hara Award for Dubious Excellence The award presented to an individual who has excelled in their own unique and outrageous way.

Winner: Conor Gilmour (for breaking Rooney’s car window with a slingshot)

(v) The Thomas O’Hagan Award for Drunken Antics – The award presented to an individual who has provided much comedy through their drunken ways.

Winner: Michael Campbell (for his porcelain nightmare at the Fresher’s Trip)

(vi) The Look-a-Like Award –  The award for the individual with the funniest doppleganger.

Winner:  Owen Largey (aka: Jack Nicholson)  

(vii) Quote of the Year The award for the funniest and most memorable quote of the year.

Winner: Thomas O’Hagan (for every single utterance of greatness that this man has both with and without the consumption of alcohol!)

Congratulations again to all the winners of both committee positions and the various awards in the club. A great year this year has been! Here’s to next year…

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