Cotswold’s Gear Night!


This Tuesday, 4th November, (Tomorrow!) the awesome guys at Cotswolds Outdoor are bringing a tonne of gear down to the PEC climbing wall and it’s all on discount! If you are new to the club this is the best time to buy gear. They do a freshers deal with harness, belay plate and screwgate. What every climber needs to get started. But they best thing will be the range of shoes! You can try on climbing shoes and get advice from the Cots guys themselves on fit and performance. These guys do not work on commission so don’t worry about being sold something you don’t need. If you have been in the club a while and need some bits and bobs this is a good chance for you to!

Club time tomorrow!
Ps. If you have cash instead of card things will go quicker / your life will be easier!

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