Donegal Rampage – Jousting, Rain and a Boulder Problem

The Donegal trad trip went off without a hitch – the roads on the way were shit, they were still shit when we left (few more wombles on the way back), we climbed some things by the sea trying our best not to have the Atlantic get angry at us (a thought spared for those who had a “it’ll never get me here” – Jaws type moment) – sorry Betsi…

So we climbed some things at Muckross head and Malinbeg cliffs – it was a little chilly as such there was a “cozy mass grave” (illustrated below) and to warm ourselves up, on top of a cliff, we thought the best thing to do would be to do some human jousting (naturally):

So that happened… along with a stupid boulder problem that constituted climbing horizontal to the ground for about 3m then anchoring ones-self on a shitty nubbin foothold, hands on a not to friendly sidepull- arms pumped out of belief – while reaching for some ridiculous crimp that could be measured only on an atomic scale. So, for a full (completely impartial) trip report by Kev look here.

For some pretty pictures have a gander on down.

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