EGM (Freshers Rep Time!)

So it’s November and all the freshers should be settled in by now! Between club nights, Tuesdays at the pub, Freshers Trip, Pub Crawl and house partys; there have been plenty of social events for you guys to mingle and get to know the club oldies! That’s why we waited until now to elect a Freshers Representative. Freshers Rep is a committee position where you have two major duties, one is organise the Christmas Dinner (but we do the same thing every year and will tell you what to do, so don’t worry) and represent the voice of the Freshers! Now in 4 years in the club, Freshers have never complained to us and while I’d like the think that’s because we are an awesome club, it could be that they didn’t know how/feel comfortable doing it. After 4/5years doing this the experienced people can go in autopilot, we need a go between to tell us if we are going wrong!

So if you are enjoying the climbing and could see yourself doing it next year. Maybe you really like it and would consider committee next year! Freshers Rep attends all our meetings and is basically a wee committee member in training. Put yourself forward, or a friend who would be good at it (with their permission!) by sending us a wee email.

Meeting 7/11/13 @ 7pm.

[email protected]

P.s Fresher means Club Fresher, new to the Club. Doesn’t matter what year in university you are, you are all Freshers to us!

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