Fancy Dress Pub Crawl!

For those of you that missed the debauchery of the Freshers Trip,  or those that aren’t having WW1 style flashbacks *shudder*, it’s pub crawl time!

First crawl of they year, and my personal favourite! Every year we lucky lucky students (and professionals with skewed morals) celebrate the glorious holiday of All Hallows Eve. We get to dress like absolute eejits, without fear of prejudice, and descend upon the clubs, pubs and streets of Belfast.

Well, in his infinite wisdom our PR Rep (Pint Raping Representative), Dermot has decided that once a year isn’t enough. So a week early, the mountaineers will take to the streets in an organised assault on all that is considered normal and decent. This Wednesday a multicoloured, multicultural, well oiled freight train will bulldoze its way from pub to pub leaving a trail of face paint, pint glasses and broken freshers in its wake.

FB Event:

Costume Fueled Hilarity!

See you there!

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