Peak Trip

Peak Trip
When: 12th-19th April
Where: the lovely North Lees Campsite beside the awesome Stanage edge – looks like this:
What: the clubs annual trad trip, get outside and stop climbing on minging slippy plastic and get on lovely grippy gritstone cause trad climbing is awesome.
Why: If you are new to trad climbing then this is the perfect trip for you. Peak is a great place to learn trad and you will be addicted before you know it. If you have trad climbed before then you should know that peak is the trad climbing Mecca of Europe. The perfect place to push your grade and get lots of climbing done. the camp site is 10 mins walk from over 900 routes!
Cost: £105 for students £140 for associates
As with all club trips it first come first served, places are limited so don’t be late! Alex is taking money from the start of club time tomorrow

13 Replies to “Peak Trip”

  1. Hi guys, good to hear you’re back to the Peak District. I’ll try to come along for 1-2 days. Keele is just 40 miles away from the Peaks, if you want to stop over – you are very welcome. And if you need a spare tent, gear or double-deckers – just let me know. Do you plan an indoor session for a rainy day? Stockport and Sheffield are pretty good. On a related topic, have you decided on the summer trip?
    All the best, Vladimir.

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