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Full wall reset sounds like a good idea. as its difficult to get everyone around at the same time I would say we have maybe a week of wall resetting.

Maybe take  2 or 3 of the panels at a time strip them completely, and then start resetting. this means there are always routes to climb and there wont be an empty wall left.

Also have a solid plan about grade distribution. throughout the year the bell curve should shift so have more slightly harder routes (~6a+/6b) then the start of the year to match peoples progressions. before starting to set I think there needs to be something written down explaining rough  the number of routes in each grade. (*cough cough* development officer *cough cough*)

the everest also needs to get a full reset. I plan on starting that If anyone wants to join me. going to fix a couple of ropes and put up some nice tough stuff.