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I didn’t die wooooooo 😀

St Patrick’s Day gathering at Lower Cove.

Pillar Variant – Sinéad, Emma

Felt amazingly awesome to get back on some cold granite. What an awesome warm up route lovely moves .

Here’s where the adventure began of nearly dying. 

Agag’s Wall- Emma, Sinéad

Having led this class route before Emma decided to gave it a go :). While Emma was around half way up the route, all hear “rope below” – whilst ducking I was greeting by a full whallop on the back from a 50m rope (guys, it hurts). Having narrowly escaped broken neck number one and being an awesome belayer not letting go of the dead end ,myself and Emma decide to go and to a 3* multipitch called Brewer’s gloom.

Brewers Gloom- Sinéad, Emma

Fantastic climbing, whilst at the first belay (which is positioned at the side of a major traverse) it began to rain. So we decided to get the helpful boys Rooney and Kev to set up abs for myself and Emma to back off.

The eventful day continues…
Having abseiled to the ledge where pressure point E6 and swing low is (just about enough rope to get us there) Emma downclimbs to get down, but I decide to go up (a bit of a slab) a bit in order to obtain easy access to get down. Low and behold in my mind I was thinking maybe I will put my rock shoes on even though the slab is wet for my brain to bounce back “mann up and stop being a jessie”. So I reach for some grass/reeds to help me up the slabs happy days. Next handhold a solid wee branch (whoop). Then, feet slip branch breaks and a 2oft fall happens… roll down the slab for about 10ish ft (all the while thinking calmly and silently ” spinal injuries, broken wrist, broken leg – I am going to die now”) then comes the interesting bit as Emma is downclimbing a small rock outcrop I bounce of her in to the arms of my saviour (Grewster) action man!!! whilst being cradled in Grew’s arms in shock adrenaline started to kick in (never experience that much in my life – its like shaken stevens).

I was ridiculously lucky to get away with the few injuries which I sustained, it could have easily been a hell of a lot worse.

points of the day:

  • Do not throw a rope down a crag without checking there are people actually climbing.
  • Concentrate more whilst walking lol
  • If you need anyone to save you from a inevitable death it is the man of the major quick reflexes and superman Mr. Grew (in all seriousness thank you betsi)
  • I am a very lucky betsi
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