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This isn’t really a ‘one or the other’ discussion. What we need is a balanced middle ground where we use the website, forum and facebook group together. Each medium has its purpose

Purpose of website 

Provide information about the club. What the club does, up and coming events, any important announcements. This is for people who want to join the club and also people who are currently members. It is also used to advertise events to non club members for example the Niall Grimes talk.

purpose of Current facebook page/twitter

An interface into the website. whenever there are announcements on the website is people like the facebook page, they will get notifications about these announcements.

Purpose of forum

To allow people within the club to share information with each other, which has a life span of more than a couple of days. If you are new to trad climbing and you want to know what gear you should get first (i.e. Anthony’s thread) then you can ask these questions and more experienced people will provide the info. This is then available to anyone how joins the club in future years where as on facebook this would not be the case (facebook groups not searchable whereas the forum is). This is just one example of the use of the forum. Organising weekend trips e.g. Poisoned Glen then explaining how awesome it was so that other people are motivated to go in the future (trip reports, routes pages etc)

Proposed purpose of the facebook chat page

Any information that has a lifespan of ~ 1 day, i.e. if you post something one day you dont really care if you cant find it a day or 2 later. Examples of this are talking shite about anything or asking if people are climbing, slack lining or going drinking today. People can then see the information straight away as its integrated into facebook and can get notifications about it. After a day or so when there have been other posts which hide that post then you dont care as its no longer useful