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Ignoring the forecasts of doom Siobhan and I headed to lower cove armed with copious amounts of optimism.

Les Jeunes Filles en Jupes d’Ete (A.K.A the French Route) E2 5b ***

Not something you would expect to find in the Mournes. Juggy overhanging pockety climbing. Within 30 seconds of setting off the mist arrived, making it an interesting combination of atmospheric and terrifying! about a third of the way up is a torso sized rickety death flake which inspires confidence by flexing as you straddle it and mantel onto the ledge. If it rips then it will take all of your gear with you and you would end up either rolling down Annalong valley or get turned into some form of French Pâté. After this It breify turns into sport climbing, clipping stuck gear and a peg while it starts to get more over hanging. Arms burning like the fire of hades I arrived at the top section to find it flowing with water. The most terrifying top out ever!

After possibly the slowest ascent of the french route ever, a battle on second with the route getting wetter in the mist and then an adventurous walk off. we decided to escape to mauds for unhealthily large portions of cake!