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Excellent post Alex! These are fantastic.

*Preface: If Alex is a poor climber, I worry about where that leaves me*

Just some other opinions. I’d agree with 99% of what you’ve said, this is mostly just nitpicking (moreso discussion, I agree with everything you’ve written).

“balance and tension are pretty much the same thing seen from different directions” Kind of agree- you can be balanced without tension, but applying tension should also improve your balance. Though continually applied tension will also make things more difficult.

“balance is all about trying to keep your weight over your feet” I’d have said balance is the ability to control your center of gravity. Again, nit picking, and you later use the plumb line analogy, which covers it perfectly.

Static vs Dynamic balance. Dynamic balance being a shifting center of gravity, could this be considered momentum? My lack of maths physics means I may have the wrong thought process here.

Agree on definition of tension.

This the raises the question of how much tension is appropriate? Constant heavy tension will cause injury, but not having sufficient tension will also cause injury. I’m trying to think of the right way to phrase this- you want to be applying tension, but not tense? That statement could probably be improved on.

1 final point (to anyone still reading). Core strength (real core strength) will not be built through sit up alone. You want planks, leg raises, or god forbid GHRs, squats and dead lifts, in there as well. Full core tension. (Yes I’m aware I’ve left out the likes of dragon flags. Come at me bro)

Again, awesome work Alex and It’d be great to see more of this kind of thing!

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