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As this hasn’t thread been used in a while I shall resurrect it!.

Sunday = Lower Cove day!

Collected the beard and the lank and power walked into lower cove in blistering heat and thermal trousers…

Once moist levels had dropped and it was deemed acceptable to climb

Swing Low *** E1 5C Yorkshire, Beard, Lank

First time climbing in a month and it was glorious! very much my style. Steep with some glorious jamming. Lead through in one which wasnt too bad. careful rope management and some self seconding at the top makes rope drag minimal.

Brewers Corner E1 5C Lank, Yorkshire, Beard

Unfortunately for lank his shoes were just not technical enough for the 3C first pitch. Shamans are just not down turned enough for the mournes. Lead through brewers gloom into brewers corner in one. One move wonder second pitch with good (non ball nut) gear. Lank did good.

Kram VC 4C Beard, Lank, Yorkshire

nice little route with not the best gear. Got the blood pumping in Beards beard and the curse words flowing.


As its was all sunny and what not Betsie, Cheese Roller, RON, Land, Psych and Myself decided to head out to Hen for an evening session.

The Boys of Summer E1 5C Yorkshire, Psych, RON

lovely route. Steep, safe with glorious jamming.

The Age of Innocence HVS 5b Psych, Yorskhire, RON, Lank

so much better than it looks from the ground. Dirty looking chimney leads to a lovely upper section. Holds are for pussies and according to Lank so are shoes, arriving on the blank slab at the top barefoot!


We then went round to play on a new route Psych has been looking at. Skin shredding crystal crimping madness!