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For you newbies out there I’ll give you a crash course in Conor Cadden camping cuisine! I’m not dead yet, therefore it must be good for me.

Breakfast- x2/3 cereal bars, varying flavours.

Lunch- Beef jerky, packets of dried fruits, cashew nuts, bread “things” (often brioches, but could just be bread).

Dinner- Couscous (in huge quantity sealed box, then scoop out as needed), packets of tomato sauce (normally individual ones for ease of use/storage), and some “meat” often cured (salami, chorizo or pepperoni).

Snacks- Tinned rice pudding, lots, like 6 tins.

This diet can be cooked on a single gas stove I got for like £15 in cotswolds, with a single small pot.  Currently looking into buying a small coffee maker yolk to make life worth living.