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Forget warm food for breakfast, usually you want to get up and start the day fast so you can get climbing. Cereal bars are good for this


2 Nature Valley cereal bars (I find hem to be the best)


It depends on how lazy/quick you want to be. If you are camping then sandwiches are a lot of hassle really and bread won’t survive your rucksack unless it is a hard loaf. I prefer a crag snack where you cut up a block of cheese into strips and then open a pack of ham, and make a wrap with the ham. If you need some carbs you can crush some crackers into a bag and its quite nice. If not you can just eat Soreen


1/3 block of Mature Cheese, 6-8 slices of ham or salami, 4 cream crackers


2 Scotch eggs, 1 pork pie


You got to have 1 warm meal in the day, and you’ve earned it! Pasta is a good shout, it has a lot of carbs and calories and remains light in your rucksack. Carry  pasta sauce and split it over 2 dinners. Quick meats are good, so chorizo and bacon are best. Chicken requires you to have a cutting board or a bit more patience to cook everything.

Super noodles with bacon are also a good shout and very easy to make, usually you can boil the bacon with the noddles.


1/2 Tomato sauce, 100g Pasta (you earned it!), 110g Chorizo Ring (fry it 1st until dark brown)

2 Packs of flavoured super noodles, 4 rashers bacon

1 flavoured rice pack, 4 rashers bacon


Things shared easy are best, and that you can quickly whip out. Skittles, Minstrels, and M&Ms are my favourites. I prefer to carry a lot of calories per gram weight, so I tend to not bother with much fruit