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Left PEC approx. 6:30pm. Went for a wee drive Omagh. Got lost because the sat nav is a lying bastard. Eventually got to ASDA. Myles left me waiting in the cold with my beer and eggs. I couldn’t even drink it because I didn’t have anything to open them with.
Anyways, then we went to KFC for about an hour. Then we placed bets on what time we would arrive at Mad Mary’s place. 11:05 (me), 11:07 (Cici), 11:10 (Prebble) and 11:15 (Myles).
After a metric fuckton of driving, we were looking very good for time, so Prebble and Myles decided to sabotage my chances of winning by stopping in Killybegs for a really long time to get cash.
But after another half a fuckton of driving, and lots of kicking the tail out of the Volvo, we arrived at Mad Mary’s at exactly 11:05. Suck it bitches!
Then we had a few brewskis and some banter was had.


Plan was to get up early and head to Malinbeg. Good one mate. Got up at about half 9. Didn’t leave til half 10. Went to Malinbeg. Everything was wetter than Niall’s ma. So top ropes were set up some stuff for Freshers. In the mean time, we went bouldering for a while.

About 1-ish, people split off to go for a walk somewhere. I wasn’t really listening where, so you’ll have to ask them where they went.
Then I seconded Stuart up Albatross, which definitely isn’t a VS. Eddie Cooper mustn’t like people climbing his routes, because that one was nails! Then Laura top roped it and somehow managed to invert herself. How? I haven’t a clue. But she’s alright and got up the route.

Then we had a good laugh about how Stuart shat a few bricks on the second part because it was scary and daft. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, climbing is just daft, why the hell do we do it?!

Then we went home. Made dinner. Few more brewskis, then off to the pub.



Up early enough, about half 8, or maybe 9. Dunno, don’t care to be honest.

Left the place first. We followed Jordan and got lost. He lost a few man points because he asked for directions.

Got there in the end.Did a metric fuckton of bouldering. Stupid overhanging dafty and a dafty stupid double leg jamming thingy. And a few smaller things but nothing important enough to make a note of.

Then around one ish again. We went up to the top and some eejits set up a few top ropes up stuff that was definitely wetter than Niall’s ma. Like, she was dripping! But the Freshers all climbed it anyways.

Too wet to lead anything in my opinion, but a few dafties went and did it anyway. Ask them what they did. I’m just telling you what happened from my point of view.

The rest of us lay up on the top on the ground out of the wind for about 2 hours. But basically, I was a keystone in the pile of bodies. It was nice and toasty, although someone kept elbowing me in places and I couldn’t do anything to stop them because I couldn’t move at all.

Then the peoples did some Human Jousting.  After that, O’Hagandazz, Boston-Physics Man and Orienteer Man went up the hill and back. They flashed us a few times… With their torch that is.

They eventually came back and we could leave. Then Prebble lost his phone. Turns out he didn’t lose it, it was just down the side of the door where I was sitting. I didn’t look too hard because I wanted control of the music for a while.


Enjoyed the chippy. Finished mine, then someone else’s chips, then someone else’s. Cici brought some back to the car, but I started feeling a bit full up. And didn’t eat them in the end.


There was also a bet on the time we’d arrive back. I can’t remember what everyone said, but I won that as well.

We went on a long drive home. Myles dropped me off home.


The End

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