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Hill Skills: 1st – 2nd November 2014

Attendees (Saturday Night): Niall Browne, Michael Fyfe, Cecilia Mariani, Myles Gray and Sarah Bufkin.
Attendees (Sunday Morning): Andrew Woods and Chris McKavanagh.

A great success on the first Hill Skills session for the year.

Saturday Evening:

The plan was pretty simple. Meet at Fyfe/Myles’ apartment, grab walking gear and sleeping gear and pile into two cars whilst all around us outside, the world tried to drown us. Simples! Stopped in Tesco Newtownbreda for the essentials (food and fine ales… in Myles and Sarah’s case – “Poncy food!”)

Managed to get a full bale of peat briquettes for free – silly cashier!

Whilst Myles and Sarah took a detour to bandit country to collect a pair of walking boots for our American chum, myself, Cecilia and Fyfe made for the Mourne Cottage and got the fire going. With dinner and a couple of beers later, it was time to introduce me to the wondrous game that is “Cards against Humanity!” Described as “tailor made for you Niall,” we enjoyed several hours of some of the most disgustingly outrageous statements. I won’t go any further except to say people in Liverpool would be justified in lynching me…

Bed by 3.30 (ish…). Content!

Sunday Morning:

Woke at 9am to Andrew knocking on the door. After several cups of tea and copious amounts of toasties (and no that is not the wrong way around), we tidied the cottage and made for the Western Mournes. The plan was quite simple, a dander up Hen Mountain, over to Cock Mountain and dropping back down to the main track through the valley. With perfect weather this was a good opportunity to focus entirely on navigation with a map without using a compass.

Nice day out ending with some ice-cream and a coffee in Mauds in Newcastle. Myles and Fyfe took Newcastle for their team in some awesome sounding “Capture-the-flag” game, so all in all a good day was had!


Looking forward to the next outing (which will be soon, provided I have nothing on!)

Niall (Mountaineering Officer)