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The Club Cat

One thing I’d point out about teaching leading right now, is that most people have been competent at belaying for probably at most a week or two, so dumping something so complicated (if you’re doing it properly) straight on them now might be a bit much and doesn’t give them a chance to properly get to grips with everything they know already. Not saying that they couldn’t do it, but a bit of breathing space might be good.

In regards technique training, the plan I’ve put up on the events page(s) is slower than in previous years, in order to allow it to sink in better, but it’s already fallen by the wayside… I’m totally happy to do the same type of thing as last year, but this Thursday probably won’t be any good, partly cos I’ve a gig Wednesday night, and an assignment for Friday, as well as it being Chris’ Everest thing in the same evening. Potentially next Tuesday, but it might be too busy with people not interested. Not sure, and don’t really mind, but even if someone else ends up organising it, I’d still like to be involved, obviously.

I’ll give UUJ a shout about boulder comp and see how that goes. I’m still quite happy to do one at our wall, amongst ourselves or with them if everyone wants that. Kind of want to set something hard anyway…