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We are a behind but not massively so. But then again I havent been down much so don’t know what has been taught.

Have we done the stuff we normally do early one, i.e. different ‘stations’ with easy problems showing different techniques and the same for different hold types and how to use them? we normally do it in one night.
Once that’s done and people can belay confidently we can take small groups and teach them leading as and when people are ready to learn to lead.
The time lines of each year change in terms of teaching. My year there were a couple of groups who were taught to lead before Donegal. It all depends on how psyched the people climbing are and if there are people willing to teach. We normally teach leading from November through Jan though.

I have gone over a few techniquey things last week at BW with freshers but its a one on one basis. We need a technique workshop (different techniques and holds) for everyone at the PEC. That may have already happened though