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Re: Bouldering Competition

Contact Gareth Brown and perhaps ask him to organise it this year. Here’s why:

  1. We have run the competition since it’s inception, including getting prizes and venues etc.
  2. Since Gareth and his year group (Alastair/John Geary/Jonny Graham etc) took over running the club, there has been a gradual decline in numbers from their side coming to events we have run. The last time that we had a massive turnout from Jordanstown for an event (Bouldering Competition/Reel Rock) was when Fiona was their President (which was when they ran the Varsities). There was more of a closeness between the clubs then which I think has now dissolved since they took over. It is as if they cannot be arsed being involved!
  3. If they organise it, we will show up, but we will not loose out on any money (a plus!)

It also will reduce the headache on you (given that you are in final year). Pawn it off on them, and if it doesn’t happen then it’s their fault and not us!

Your call though, but I would focus on doing what you are doing in the development officer role and avoid taking on too much!