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Andy Hedgy Hayes

72 people going (as far as I know)

bout 35 in house, assuming people double up, lie on floors etc… can maybe stretch that to 40.

leaves 32. then about 12 will sleep in cars etc. (maybe a bit more)

still leaves 20 bedless.

Barn and tents might cut it. But the barn was in no state last year. and is no boards to put down?

so say bring the 2 F10s and whoever else brings a tent. but as you say is limited room. So how over grown was it? and is there not some sorta clean up trip a few weekends before freshers? then someone post to facebook saying “Guys need volunteers to go up and clear overgrown crap, and if time we can climb the shit outta the mournes, weather looks like X which means Y would be fun to do.. etc etc”.

can that be part of next years plan? Zero downsides