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Steve, I’m glad you are concerned about the state of the club and all but how can you tell form the other side of the country that it is failing? I for one as someone who is down most tuesdays it is doing well. Yes there are lots of fresher of whom I know only a few but they are the one who have been on the same trips as me. These new folk are doing well, learning well and importantly the 2-3 year club members are taking big role in teaching, I for one have done little direct teaching but this was on purpose more supervising. in fact this hopefully ensuring the club continuation by forming next years committee, a big shift on that front is hoped for.

As for suggesting committee members are profiting from club trips I find that quite rude, it is true asked if anyone would object to the upcoming trad trip to fall over the date I am allowed off over Easter. Seeing that am currently working 60 hour weeks and have my holiday dates dictated to me I didn’t think it unreasonable.

Many of the committee give up large amount of there time arranging club activities, running meetings, sorting finances, buying club gear, driving there car on club trips and generally putting them selves out for as has been well illustrated little thanks. who exactly on the committee is supposed to be stepping down due to there neglect of duties/ self interest?

Im sure the ski club ran like a well oiled machine but how many trips were ran each year?