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“I’m not sure if you are aware, this club seems to be slightly falling apart”
Having given this comment fair consideration along with the general suggestion of the op I can’t agree with it.
“all committee members pay for all trips fairly” As far as I know this happens. If there has been abuse then name and shame.
“If you purely want to climb during club times and teach no-one, you joined for the wrong reasons.” An extreme version of a partial truth and I don’t think it’s completely fair to say of anyone. Yes people do occasionally want to climb with someone who’s at their level too. Maybe Alex has been under pressure with teaching (he’s certainly been doing lots) but there have been others teaching too.
I realise I come under the category of superoldy and am not involved in the committee. I don’t make it down for many sessions and I’ll only make the occasional club trip. Unusually enough I was down last Tuesday. Not sure what the main wall was like but at the Everest oldies were outnumbered by newbies (new to the club if not to climbing). Haven’t met someone I didn’t know we tied in and climbed a few routes (turns out that new fella Jamie’s a considerably stronger climber than me and he’s psyched to get tradin outside).
One of the best things associates can bring to the club is the occasional post offering lifts down to the mournes/Fairhead for running, hillwalking and trad climbing (come the weather). This does still happen. And trips like that are how membership grows not by “by trying to be generally mental” or giving hundreds of belays for soon to be strangers. To me the heart of the club will always be local mountaineering and climbing. Take people out on those trips and they tend to stick around.

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