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The club is in as healthy position as it has been as long as I’ve been a member, by and large. I recall on the Scotland trip in 2012 spending 3 hours one night figuring out who was going to climb with whom to make sure everyone got climbing – you could count on the fingers of one hand the people there who had ANY winter climbing experience and it was a nightmare organising everyone. Niall at that stage had been on one winter trip and one Alps trip and ended up guiding Freshers, which is quite a lot of responsibility, so if anything things have gotten better in that respect.


As Conor mentioned above, when he and I joined there was practically zero mountaineering experience in the club, and we had to go out and get our own Alpine experience. The same was true of Alek, Dan McElroy and Owen.


It isn’t fair to blame the ‘old club’ for any perceived faults with the club, it’s a 2 way street and it’s up to new members to actively seek out the opportunities provided. Members are volunteering their own time and are under no obligation to teach people who aren’t bothered. Rather than chasing new members, we should just ensure that we have a comfortable enough atmosphere to ensure that those who want to be there stay, and not just for social reasons, but because they want to climb/run/walk/mountaineer.


I don’t think there’s any call for old club to bugger off en-masse either, that would be counterproductive. This talk of ‘old club’ is a bit of a nonsense anyway, it seems anyone who’s been on more than a handful of trips is considered ‘old club’. For example, Rooney’s been in the club 7 years while Conor Cadden has been there just over 2 but both are ‘old club’. By creating an artificial division like that we’re effectively puting up a barrier to people trying to integrate with the club.


Perhaps it should also be clearer to people that they will have a hard time integrating with the club unless they go on trips. Although, tehcnically, all that sort of thing is supposed to be the role of the Freshers’ Rep (who is doing an excellent job). More club social events would be useful (and I don’t mean the many excellent parties/nights out/birthdays, while they involve club members, they aren’t club events and help to foster a certain cliqueyness)


I acknowledge that the current committee are fighting to tread water at the minute with administrative difficulties but also particularly with their own courses/commitments etc. WHenever questions are asked about why such and such isn’t organised yet it’s usually met with the understandable response of @I’m really busy, haven’t had a chance yet’. THe one question I would have for anyone wanting to be on committee in future is: DO you have the time to do this role? If not, don’t apply for it. Simple as that.


Also get EVERYTHING sorted in september…


But anyways, this is a conversation worth having, and while I don’t agree with most of what Steve says he was right in bringing it up. The fact that we can have this discussion is a healthy sign in itself.