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The Club Cat

The club has a tendency to go in cycles. A few years ago, the club was really very inclusive, which is why we see it as ‘degenerating’ now, but the old club is getting, well, old. This happened a few more years back, and Mcloy (I believe) basically limited the associates severely. It’s inevitable, and, as long as the things get taught to the non-eejits, shouldn’t really matter in the long run.

As regards to the committee, not member has got, or even asked for, free trips. Paying late is ‘acceptable’, imo, as the work we put in is ridiculous, especially for execs. Most of the organisational shite happens in the background, and the committee this year has actually been super-busy just trying to get everything to work at all in the face of many stupid issues that aren’t our fault. We have one person not in final year, phd or a job (excluding Andrew as freshers rep), so finding time to get anything done, never mind be upbeat and social at the wall when we want to climb is… difficult.

I’m not saying that your fears are ungrounded or silly, but shit happens, and the club has survived worse than this.