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The future of QUBMC is fine. It existed before us, it will exist after and will go through much worse than what its been through since I have been here. Its gone through waves of cliqueyness and socialness which for me is not an issue as people always end up sticking around. If its a year where the club is a bit cliquey then less people stick around but the people who do, are the ones who are really interested. The club doesn’t have to inspire all 200 freshers to love the mountains and what not, thats what the internet is for. The club helps people who have those interests further them and give them opportunities to explore more places they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. As for the club being cliquey at the moment, yes, there are a group of people who came through the club together, some of which are on the committee and yes, they mainly talk to each other if they are down at the wall but thats what happens. I have no issues with this as most these people have been in the club 3+ years and have met and talked to hundreds of freshers. They may just want to come down to the wall on a Tuesday night and climb with there friends. The fact that I go down to the wall once every month or so and know only a few people that are climbing is a testament to the clubs success and the fact the future is fine! I regularly see people who have been in the club 1 or 2 years talking to freshers so its not like there is this great divide. It may go through waves of having less experienced people but every club does. There will always be a small number of people a year who take it outside and go walking , do trad, etc.. and these people keep the individual skills going in the club.

In regards to people getting cheap/free trips on the committee, this does NOT happen. As Michael said we pay more if anything.  In the long term this is more of an issue than anything when you have few experienced people to lots of inexperienced people. As an associate, if I was going on the trad trip to the Peak district and it cost £140 for non students and £105 for students, I would be paying £35 more to give up my time to teach people which puts me off wanting to go as I work so I have to take holidays to then pay to go teach people. Many other Uni clubs give discounts to experienced people who teach on trips and there is the potential that if a lot of the experienced members become associates, they will become less involved on the more expensive club trips ( i.e. Scotland trip and trad trip)

Another point to add,
People start to get more involved with the club once they go on trips.
This year:
Donegal trip, lots of freshers
Wicklow trip happened for the first time in years this year, Lots of freshers
Scotland trip, Lots of freshers
Spain trip, lots of freshers

The club is fine. quit yer moanin