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Honestly there needs to be a guide on how freshers can integrate themselves more than anything. People show up at the start of the year, don’t come to any of the trips and wonder why they can’t integrate themselves fully.

I stuck to my small group of fellow freshers until Spain trip really and only then did I really become part of the club. You only really integrate until you go on a trip and freshers need to know this. Otherwise they tend to be just a face at the wall that neither of you really socialise with the other.

I am always game to pay back to the club for all the great times they have given me by passing that on to the next ‘generation’ but there are definitely times I thought about what the point was with some people as they only go to you for the training then just clear off back to their own clique. You get the feeling they are the kind that if they stay on they won’t be helping the generation after that. Heck there are some people who joined last year still vaguely in the club I think that aren’t paying back because they have stuck to their clique.


It’s not an old club problem, it is an antisocial problem.