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I agree with Prebble there. I notice the cliques, but from the moment I joined, I also half-joined those groups. Obviously I had a lot of experience in that area as I wasn’t a total fresher, but that means that the people in those cliques aren’t closing themselves off for new members.

If anything would put freshers off in the beginning I would say its the mass of freshers. The older members are busy teaching. It’s so busy at the wall, they hardly get a chance to climb. They meet new people who then don’t come back next week, which means you need to introduce yourself all over again. In the beginning you need to stick, after that, it all comes around. The big mass leaves, the ones that stick, really stick and slowly you can climb more, meet new people, learn new skills.

And this is how it works in most clubs really.. Besides, the freshers are forming their own cliques.. Nothing to worry about.

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