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There are several valid point here and some not quite so valid. As Alex has already said there is a cyclic nature to the club that has been there form when I joined over 7 years ago. Like most of us I joined the club as an inexperienced fresher in my first year at uni even then there was old club. On my first Scotland trip I remember talking to Macloy who was complaining about the problem of old club/new club, he had a solution not one i would be keen to implement. Integration in the club is always something we strive for and is frequently discussed ( solution is often drinking in the bot).


Although I agree an important part of the club is to gain and motivate new members, this should not stop the development of current members. Levels within the club are not so binary that people are either fresher or experienced.


With regards to the committee and organisation, I fully agree this could be improved and with this I am probably more culpable than most. However every single member of my committee gives up huge amounts of their time and energy for this club. There is no personal gain for them bar continuing  to help the club that has helped them. You mentioned  being “truly committed to the cause of the club” on that I have 0 doubts about any of the committee.


Yes I agree with you that there is defiantly room for improvement and the club is not with out its faults. But I don’t think we are teetering on the edge of an basis here and if we are we have been hanging here for over a decade, so there is some micro nut holding us somewhere