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Since becoming a small part of the committee I’ve heard a lot of people discussing this issue and I think there are a couple of things to consider such as people being disinterested, not having time/funds to go on trips or simply not wanting to.  Firstly, I think that the non-fresher section of the club is approachable (if a bit cliquey), some freshers just seem to be quite quiet around new people, especially with some of the huge personalities within the club. Coming from me, this may seem false given that i knew people in the club before I joined, but if you think about who I knew before I joined the club and who I know now, its insane. I joined the club knowing people from a single encounter 3 years previous like Niall, Campbell, Sinead etc. as I had been instructed by them the odd time. Now I climb with loads of others and have asked to be involved in non-club trips such as my first trad trip to the Mournes and drives up to the boulders in Fairhead with Prebble, Cadden, Fyfe, Pete and others. Furthermore, I have taken almost every opportunity to go on club trips which have been awesome including Freshers, Donegal, (not Wicklow, no money D:)Scotland and the hill skills organised by Niall which very few freshers attended.

In terms of money, all you really need to buy is climbing shoes and a few odd bits of gear and the trips are ridiculously cheap. I know Scotland isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and is rather expensive compared to other trips but the craic was 90 and if you paid for it outside of QUBMC it would cost another £300 or something. And on the other big trip (Spain) you are essentially getting taught to sport climb outdoors with cheap accommodation etc. The shame is that these are the trips you really get to know people on, for example I found that on Scotland I got to know a few people a lot better like Nelly, Stephen Armstrong and Alex as we were thrown into a lodge together for a week or freezing our balls off on a belay. With the Spain trip is coming up, I think the freshers on that trip will start to come out of their shell a lot more, its just a shame that more older club members aren’t able to go to get to know them.


Freshers need to try and get more involved with the club, from what I know none of the freshers have even asked older club members about doing hikes in the Mournes, bouldering or trad.

If you can’t afford to go to Spain, Scotland or the Alps, go to the cheaper trips and actually interact with older club members.

I used to be antisocial like you but then I took a QUBMC to the knee.

P.S. Excuse my grammar/sentence structure, if I could have expressed myself using algebra, I would have.

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