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Okay so I’m in Armagh with no computer, just a phone so my reply is short for now.

Almost 6 years ago I joined this club and it was just as cliquey as now. I had a group of other first years who were friends, (Thomas, Elliot, Luke, Jordan e.t.c) and we hung out by ourselves. The older people ran stuff and when we went on trips we got the obligatory day on a multippitch in wales or the quick lesson in sport top outs before Spain. But we didn’t socialise with them.

Myself and Thomas had a gear placing lesson and first days tradding (from Owen Largey and Emma Clarke) and that’s it. He bought nuts, I bought a rope on eBay and we spent the summers climbing vdiffs on binnian and at lower cove.

The lack of experience is not the fault of older committee members. We introduce people to the sport, give them the basics and they need to care enough to push further themselves.

With regards to free trips NO ONE gets free trips. Yes committee pay late for trips, I haven’t paid for Scotland yet and won’t until end of the month. But no I shouldn’t be held accountable to same standards as others. If I and Niall hadn’t gone to Scotland it wouldn’t have ran. We NEED experience on trips, if the experience wants to pay later fine. Cus if they don’t come the trips don’t run at all.

And the trips are bloody expensive if you are experienced, I paid the same as fresher’s for Scotland. That inlcuded cost of guides teaching, I dont use guides (well swail rescued my ass this year but anyway). Plus I spent two of my days taking out fresher’s on low grade routes so I didn’t get the chance to push my grade. Would have spent more days doing it but weather crapped out

Now I’m fine with that but its still giving up some of your trip to teach others. So I’m paying for guides I don’t need and spending half the trip not chasing my goals or climbing my routes. I also use all my own gear these days, only thing I use club for is insurance and that’s like 30quid a year and not even essential cus free mountain rescue in UK.

So yeah this is the short reply but even briefer. Fuck cliqueyness people can man up and deal, and no we don’t get free trips we have the most expensive trips.