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1. Assuming WordPress is like joomla then you can be an editor of a category and a page lies under the category as an article which can be edited.

2. It makes sense that the anyone on the committee can edit pages while the content is still being ported over from the old site as it will speed up the transition to the one but once the new site is stable, and we bid a fond farewell to the old one, there should be segregation of duties per committee position.
Segregation of duties is important (perfect example is the old old club site [pre andys]). Its not a matter of trust its a matter of good practice and risk management. You shouldn’t be working outside your remit on the site and having that limitation future proofs the site against any renegade committee members that come about in the future.

Andys model is perfect
With Andys model there is very little for the webmaster to actually do other than general website administration, troubleshooting and querying. This includes fixing any typos etc if noticed.

treat the site as if it is the club store. Not everyone has access to the inner store because they don’t need it. Its all risk/damage limitation. The store is the gear secs baby and you dont want everyone being able to fuck around with it. The same logic applies to the website. Its King of the Internets baby… DONT FUCK WITH HIS BABY!