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Okay so here are my thoughts,

Editors (all pages and posts): Committee members only – however users are upgraded to editors upon promotion to committee and demoted accordingly, that way we have user traceability per edit etc.

Forum Moderation roles: Norm, Webmaster, exec committee + Prebble.

Web admin role: Norm (only user to have supercow powers – can adjust caching, SEO, plugins etc. Has SSH-FTP access – should NOT be fucked with).

News (front page): I feel committee members should be able to personally post articles here – bit more friendly that way. We can add categories for each post too – so each user has a respective category they can post in plus a “general” category. Meets sec posts about meets, training about training etc.

Committee user (forums): Should only be used for general announcements in the forum’s announcement section. This user should NOT be used outside of the forum.

A note on Norm – he shouldn’t be used for anything other than backend plugin maintenance or caching problems that we (Prebble and I) can’t do on our personal accounts.

The whole aim here with personal user accounts is traceability and accountability.

Niall on your recommendation wrt user roles like “gear sec”, “meet sec” – I don’t think this is a good idea, it means more things to manage and abstracts from the user base and makes management harder for me, personal accounts are adequate – we can change your display name to “Niall (Gear Sec)” as needed but a dedicated accounts are a management nightmare.

On your note of change tracking – WordPress has that built in, not need to email me or norm. I can revert to older versions if I so wish as well. As such, ALL committee members have editorial roles.

Calendar: I can certainly add this in as a separate page.

Committee page: I’ll get this up ASAP once I get a layout i’m happy with done.

I can have a look at doing the varsities site sure – maybe have it as a subdomain of this: ??