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I think Myles your initial post explained things rather well. It pointed out exactly what you think is fair, and what you would like from the site.

The trust issue about posting and the general issue of messing things up is an important aspect, and to be honest is not something you should just disregard. From what I gather from Myles’ posts is that given that he is paying for the site to be in operation on his own server, it means he has the ability to strip people of the privilege to update the site, and he will not hesitate to do this if there is an issue – which is good.

Also, with regards to the idea of having a labelled login (i.e: Niall (Gear Sec)) – I was not looking for that at all. Might have been a misinterpretation of a previous post by me.

Cheers for the moderation allocation – looking forward to having a tinker and seeing how easy such a website can be to update etc (Currently looking to make a website for my Scout Group!!).