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Moderation and News Role – Agreed. Executive Committee and Webmaster should limit crap being put up on it, to ensure that the site does not become cluttered etc. The News aspect needs updated WEEKLY. No point in having this website up and running, if the site becomes stale etc…

Edit Role – Not so sure about the can only edit respective areas for several reasons.

1. What prevents say the Gear Sec/Development Officer etc from editing anything on the site? Does WordPress have a preventative measure in place that says that when I log in as Gear Sec I can only edit certain things?

2. Whilst I agree that there should be some measure of control on who can do what to the site, and I feel that that is important, I think that limiting the editorial privilege of committee members will make the Webmaster’s job actually a little bit more difficult. For instance, I have skimmed through the website information on Membership and Training etc, and have found numerous typographical errors, grammatical errors and formatting errors which would need corrected. (I am aware that the site is new and a fair bit of the information has just been copied and pasted from the previous website so I’m not at all having a dig at anyone). Should I point these out, it would be substantially easier for me as an editor of the site, to go in and correct them there and then, instead of sending an email to the Webmaster pointing out numerous errors and saying “Correct these.” Once corrected, the editor of that work would just send a simple email to the Webmaster/Exec saying what they have done. An element of trust would be needed naturally, but if you can’t trust each other then giving the Committee editorial privilege is pointless (IMHO).

Website looks great – there are some things that need sorted, more information to be put up (Committee stuff/Trips/Calendar?), but that will be no doubt sorted in due course.

Great job Myles! Might get you in to sort out the Varsities Website??