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    The Club Cat

    I say obtain onesies of various animals and walk up Donard as a herd.

    I suspect you’d probably end up doing the Fairhead ones in pairs, but if you can persuade someone to just belay you and you ab in to strip gear, no one’s going to say you didn’t complete the challenge…


    Either, I suppose, although leading them all would be more of an achievement, but climibng them all in one day would still be impressive


    Sperrin Ridge Challenge. Was thinking of doing this some weekend. One end of the Sperrins to the other. Quite long but not as boggy as you would expect.


    Interesting. I don’t know the Sperrins; how far is it? How much up?


    Google Sperrin challenge walk 2011.


    For Fairhead challenges:

    • All prow E1s in a day
      • Single pitch routes only (5 gears in reverse and jubilee will be filthy and are never climbed. Would ruin the challenge)
      • Routes:
        • The Doffer (Maybe Exclude this?) brutal offwidthyness requiring lots of #5 #6 cams and is usually filthy
        • Black Taxi
        • Mongrel Fox
        • Thunderhips
        • Fireball
        • Midnight Cruiser
        • Railroad
        • Fáth Mo Bhuartha
        • Simple Minds
      • lead all routes
        • All single pitch, all in the same location totaling 328 metres.
        • Wouldnt be much of a challenge unless you lead all of them, otherwise it would just be a productive fairhead day.
      • Eliminates dont count towards the Fairhead E1s (there are a few  Fáth Mo Bhuartha E1 eliminates)
      • Total height 328 Metres
    • All 3* Fairhead E2s in a day – The big one
      • This will be hard. Like real hard
      • Team effort
        • too many metres, too much hard, too spread out for one lead. plus multi pitch faff.
      • nearly 600 Metres of climbing (588m)
      • Routes spread over ~ 2km
      • 8 pitches of 5b
      • 9 pitches of 5c
      •  10 routes
        • The Embankment – 1 pitch
        • Equinox – can be done in 1
        • Mizen Star – can be done in 1
        • Titanic  – might be done in 1?
        • Conchubair – might be done in one?
        • Cúchulainn – 3 pitch
        • Blockbuster – 3 pitch
        • Sandpiper – can be done in 1
        • The Brasser – can be done in 1
        • Hurricane – can be done in 1

    Also what about FM speed record
    Stupidest thing brought up FM


    I like. These should all be club things.
    FM speed record – YES! we did it in half an hour on the Annalong Valley challenge. But I’d say you could do it under 10 mins.


    Should we have a page on the website of daft challenges? or just have a ‘roll of honour’ on the forum?


    Honour roll for forum? Well if its lots of work for Myles then not worth it, but could probably make a thread for it/stories of the adventure


    I think the honour role should be a page (with times where relevant)  on the site, along with the definitions of the challenges. I can do this as its little effort. The forum should be for planning attempts, talking about successes/failures and coming up with new ones



    FM speed record depends on where you start. The actual rock climb can be soloed in about 15min (prob less if you wanted). From blue lough to summit take an extra 15ish. But I’ve never timed it exactly so I make no claims.


    1. It was a farmer’s friend (double size of a breeze block

    2. Do not set speed challenges… please… for my sake

    3. Daftest thing up FM must be the Fortwilliam sign, at night, I remember John Orr doin that one.

    4. Moss stone nails RIP


    moss stone nails?


    A route of epic proportions which, which like the Bonatti Pillar, is no longer with us. first climbed by the Kourageous Kev. Starting on the north end of the NW face a steep arete was mounted. Upon establishing your belay, a series of traverses ensued. First, a shallow chimney, negotiated directly with a sequence of monos and egyptians. Next was a cavernous gap, cutting loose was the only option, grappling at the other side with your feet. Once equilibrium was establish with the use of some delicate balancing movements next up was the bold bare face. Only a skyhook for protection. Mono, crimp, gaston, lunge. finally the western arete was made, further sky hooks deployed and an easy scramble to the the second floor of the shed beside the cottage. END


    Ah yes, i knew it sounded familiar. At excellent climb on sound granite, no doubt, and a fallen classic. May it rest in blocky pieces, in the walls of many a local farmer.

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