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    I was just looking for the person who was doing the training (wasnt sure whether I was to bother Grew or Alex about it anymore 😛 ) when I noticed that in order to find the correct person I had to find the AGM results (which aren’t hard to find, but that’s not the point). First logical place I looked was contact and what we do. Maybe a section could be added as to who we are? And there in could also be noted which person holds what position and maybe even a short description of what people think they should be doing?



    This is something that will be put up in the next few days (should have been done along time ago, but you know what we are like when it comes to organising things).



    I already noticed the changes and the big expansion the forum has made. This was just a little thing I noticed. But great job! Really.



    The who we are section should be done. A page covering the roles and responsibilities will be going up at some point soon.



    It is already public. It’s in the Info tab!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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