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    El Chorro 2017 part 1

    Taken by Anthony – Arab Steps, Sector Suzio
    So here it begins, the start of the report (and my procrastination). I also apologise if the report is factually incorrect as my memory is blurry plus I don’t really give a fuck. (some points may be over exaggerated and other super simplified)
    Where to start? At Tates? I wake up at about 10ish as per usual with a cheeky smile realising I’m heading to Spain today. I head downstairs and make the morning coffee and start to pack the bags. Fast forward a wee bit and we have Andrew, Glen, Chris and Clare chilling in Tates.
    Glen seeing the Last of us laying by the PlayStation, he eagerly attempts the fastest speed run of it with no prior knowledge of the game. He doesn’t finish the game in time . He does play the guitar between breaks though so maybe he could have I dunno.
    We have Clare fiddling with the GoPro happily supplied by the SU for shits and giggles.
    And Andrew wondering how to pack the camera stand without crushing it.
    Chris and I decide at some point in the day after sneaking into his lab to covertly drop off the ‘package’ to grab possibly one of the messiest meals I have ever encountered at Chalcos. Chris is able to keep his meal completely intact and can eat his in comfort. Mine on the other hand looked like a Boojum decided to become a discus and upon impact to the ground had become the aftermath of the Vietnam war. (Regardless I still ate it)
    Fast forward again and we’re at the airport and successfully get past security with no bother even though my green card expired years ago (Even the American got through like). We all head to the Lagan bar as a meeting point and have a cheeky pint with the boys.

    Taken by John Luke – Look at that smile
    Taken by Anthony – Happy Airplane boys

    Fast forward again and we arrive at Spain (Wahoo/ SPAIN HYPE)!!
    Thankful that we had a lovely Spanish speaker, we hop on the bus trying to see if any supermercados were open on a Sunday (which they were not). On this rather short bus journey, through the shit talk, we got the freshers even more hyped up and what we could do and climb and how short most of the walks were (to the dismay of one foreigner).
    We eventually arrive at the Finca, with a warm greeting from the early attendees! With Juan/ Crespo opening the shop for us to grab a beer/ supplies for the next day we are informed by an informant that there is a rave at the other place (Olive branch). Much to the tiredness of most of our members we still head down the to enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, my will was not strong enough to stick the entire night and I (plus a few others) decided it was bedtime. From this I have heard stories of Micheál trying to order 50+ beers and an incident regarding Mr. President questioning his sanctity and hitting his head.
    The official first day of the trip we head up the Escalera Arabe/ Arab Steps. This ‘short’ hike up the hill with a group photo (which as disappeared so it has been substituted with a different one).

    Taken by John Luke – Birdy, great edit for /r/birdswitharms
    Taken by Anthony – Different day but squad shot

    We hit up Sector Sergio, Upper Crag and Sector Suiza. We would all split up into pairs and start climbing our things! My first climbing partner would be the wonderful freshers rep Katie! Me being the silly guide book reader we attempt the 6b route Smooth while thinking we were doing the 5+ route. Bit of trial and error but we eventually get up some things.

    Taken by Anthony – Happy Climber

    Thought-out the day we climbed may things with many folks climbing the classic pinnacle

    Taken by Anthony & John Luke – the nicer photos done my John, credited for having a DSLR

    The last route we did this day had Glen, Chris and I attempting a hard 6b. Glen successfully lead the route but with a tired Chris unable to do the route I also attempted it. Having massively dogged the route I finally got to the top and called it a day for the climbing.
    This leads into the second night! (god this report is stupidly long; why did I want to do this?! Who is sane enough to do this) the funny part is I cannot remember the second night! I might have jumped into the pool naked but why would anyone want to do that? A) it’s cold and b) I don’t like being cold

    Well that ends part 1 of the report, if people want to remind me/ contribute to what happened let me know (Y)
    GeoffChang out

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