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    Hey all, I was just wondering if the dates for the Gola trip are DEFINITELY set as 9th-14th of June or if they’re manoeuvrable to the following week or so?

    I only ask because I was informed that my final two days of placement will take place on the Friday evening and Saturday morning during the trip.

    I was super-psyched for the climbing and the craic (was gonna bring the space hoppers, guitar and the whole shebang), but unless the dates are changed or if there’s anyone heading home on the Thursday who could hold another passenger, I won’t be able to go. And hankly, that makes me very sad.

    I’d need to know anyway in order to book dates off work, so pls put me out of my misery or offer me salvation soon 🙂

    *****Sorry if this is a double post, either my internet is slow or the mighty website is mad I’m stylin’ on it*******

    The Club Cat


    I’m afraid that they can’t really be moved… These suited the most people at the meeting, and they’re as close to the end of exams as possible, so people don’t piss off back home and don’t bother coming. However, I do believe that someone was talking about leaving early (can’t remember who, though).


    Well that’s my year ruined lol




    Dermot, see Sineads post in Kevins thread. Some of us are heading down earlier and coming back before the weekend… your year could yet be saved!



    Don’t worry Aimee- Mr Largey has saved me as he’s gonna bring me home on the Thursday 🙂


    Could someone bring me home on Thursday or Friday?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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