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    As I now seem to be staying here for quite a while, starting January I’m quiting my Dutch health insurance as its free here anyway. That means, however, obviously, that I’ll need some special cover if I travel: ie Spain trip? Down South? Dutchland? And I don’t really know what I’ll need (do you just call it travel insurance? Does that cover healthcare in case of an injury?) So, I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on what I need and what companies are good to get this insurance from??


    Many thanks!!!!


    BMC. Expensive but comprehensive.

    Edit: To elaborate, you can pay for exactly what you need, their policies are very clear cut. Be careful of trying to get cover from some other companies if you expect to be covered in the event of an accident while climbing etc, most ‘standard’ travel insurance companies won’t cover you as a lot of them class it as an extreme sport.

    When I went got my insurance for the Alps, BMC seemed to be one of few companies that were clear about what I was and wasn’t insured for.

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    The Club Cat

    Austrian Alpine Club insurance is another good bet. Slightly cheaper, as well.


    Depends on what you are doing. Austrian alpine gives the basics and if you have the equivalent of an NHS card ( free health care throughout the EU) then you should go with that. Its a single payment per year of around 30 quid.

    The alternative is to join MI as its cheaper than the BMC and you have access to the insurance. This insurance is not covered by membership and is on a trip by trip basis. If you are going to Spain for a week then you will need to purchase insurance for that week which covers roped climbing ( standard travel insurance doesn’t cover this). This will be around 30 quid a trip.

    So to conclude.
    If you are going on a one off trip, join MI, purchase single trip insurance.
    If King Willy of O provides you with free European health insurance cover then join Austrian alpine club
    If King Willy of O doesn’t then join MI and purchase trip insurance per trip



    What do you mean free health insurance throughout the EU? Is that what you have here? Where would you apply for such an NHS card, cause if I have to pay taxes to the British I’ll probably also have a right to such a thing, won’t I??


    Basically if you are being treated in a non private hospital in Europe and have an NHS health card then you will not have to pay for the treatment (as most countries dont do free health care).

    If you want more comprehensive cover then just go with MI
    You can apply for the card but it will take 2 stages.
    1. you will need to get an NHS number
    2. apply for the card using your NHS number.

    Also… You pay taxes?


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