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    Im on board with Owen’s post.

    speaking as a fresher last year it really is down to the person, whether they get the idea or not. some of them are keen and are buzzing to learn everything to do with climb while some are there to social or whatevs

    heck some of the people i joined up with last year still cant lead

    token asian

    The Club Cat

    One thing I’d point out about teaching leading right now, is that most people have been competent at belaying for probably at most a week or two, so dumping something so complicated (if you’re doing it properly) straight on them now might be a bit much and doesn’t give them a chance to properly get to grips with everything they know already. Not saying that they couldn’t do it, but a bit of breathing space might be good.

    In regards technique training, the plan I’ve put up on the events page(s) is slower than in previous years, in order to allow it to sink in better, but it’s already fallen by the wayside… I’m totally happy to do the same type of thing as last year, but this Thursday probably won’t be any good, partly cos I’ve a gig Wednesday night, and an assignment for Friday, as well as it being Chris’ Everest thing in the same evening. Potentially next Tuesday, but it might be too busy with people not interested. Not sure, and don’t really mind, but even if someone else ends up organising it, I’d still like to be involved, obviously.

    I’ll give UUJ a shout about boulder comp and see how that goes. I’m still quite happy to do one at our wall, amongst ourselves or with them if everyone wants that. Kind of want to set something hard anyway…


    Is Chris’ Everest thing not on Thursday 27 Nov?

    What we’ve done in the past is set up boulder stations with different kinds of techniques and just shut down all roped climbing at the wall for the evening. So if people aren’t interested, tough squiddly. Not suggesting we have to do it said way, but it’s an option.

    The Club Cat

    Ah, that might well be the case. Not sure why I had this Thursday in my head…

    I don’t think it’d be fair to stop all roped climbing on a Tuesday, tbh, and I can’t see any other way get enough space to go through everything. This Thursday, then, and I’ll try and actually get work done sooner rather than later…


    Its the best option. You don’t need to do it for all the panels. Make use of the cave and the everest wall as well. Once people have done all the stations then they can climb on the remaining panels. Is there anything wrong with doing it this Tuesday? Sooner is definitely better than later.

    In terms of leading, there are people who join who can already belay but haven’t lead. We can start off teaching them and the more comfortable people get with belaying, the more people we can teach. Ideally you want the people who are interested in Spain leading before christmas as it gives them time to get comfortable with leading before Spain and it will be harder for people to get down during the exam period.



    My fundraiser should be the 27th 😀

    RE: Lead belaying
    I have memories of small groups being taught before the Donegal trip, but don’t think it really matters so long as it’s done some time before Gola.



    You have memories that aren’t lifting? Lies


    @tprebs do you mean this tuesday as in tomorrow? I’m free tomorrow so I’d be more than happy to be at the wall early and help setting up 🙂

    The Club Cat

    I won’t be around tomorrow, if you really want to do it then, but I still kind of think it’s not the best plan to essentially close the entire wall on the busiest night.

    Oh, and Gareth said they’d be up for running the boulder comp this year. At BW, so expect it to be a fiver or so, but hey, no risk for us.

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