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    To make life easier when browsing the lost and found please follow the following rules:

    Start the subject with either LOST or FOUND

    If someone has claimed it update the title to RETURNED

    Provide a breif description of what you have lost/found and where it was


    Subject: LOST:Brown Tricam


    OP: I am a fool and lost my brown Tricam at the bottom of Midnight Cruiser at Fairhead.


    ———Tricam was then found

    update Subject to: RETURNED: Brown Tricam

    New Post: Was back at Fairhead this week and found the tricam fighting a penguin over the correct technique for descaling a fish. After a sustained bloody battle the tricam was victorious and has been returned to my Rack.


    Once the thread is in the RETURNED status it will be closed for editing


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    • This topic was modified 7 years, 3 months ago by tprebs.

    LOST donegal guide book

    Description: Donegal Guide Book, small, red cover, my name is on the 1st page, it also has a tolymore stamp on the first page Oh and the last few sections are double printed…..

    When: Item went missing during the club donegal trip of last year 2012 🙁

    I have been sad since… it was given to me as a birthday present and has had coke spilled on it (Tim) and dropped into the sea (Niall), but it has a loving home (or had).

    Would be great if ppl could have a look for it.



    Shall have a dig about to see if I can find it. Last time I looked I couldnt but there are still a couple of unpacked boxes that it could be in

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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