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    so when we were discussing the Alps trip, I let it slip that I would love to go to the Middle East again and climb there. Liz let it slip that she would be up for that, and hence, I started researching the actual possibilities.

    Now naturally, you wouldn’t want to go during Ramadan, which this year is until the 16th of July, so anytime after August things should be sort of normal again. Second, we would like to keep it save, what with recent developments leaves us with three options:










    – http://www.rockclimbing.com/routes/Asia/Israel/

    – https://www.thecrag.com/climbing/israel


    And Jordan:

    – http://www.jordanjubilee.com/outdoors/climbing.htm

    – http://www.climbingjordan.com/topos


    Now my preference would be the Occupied Territories, as I would need a new passport for Lebanon and as it will definitly be safe there. Liz is more up for Jordan, but that’s why it’s all open to discussion. Jordan and Lebanon are safe for now, but support for Isis is growing in Jordan and for Lebanon, well.. Northern Irish politics are more functional which should tell you enough. Of course August/ September usually is bombing season, but since we would want to go climbing, and Gaza is pretty flat by now, we should be fine.

    Aside from the lovely weather and the good food, it is reasonably cheap. We would need to rent a car (you think public transport is bad in NI?) and of course a return flight is about 450 GBP to about 600 GBP. Because of this price I would also like to go for two weeks. This would mean we could go about more relaxed, as in climbing days and tourist days. If we would go with Jordan or the OT, this could even mean we could cross the border (Jordan and the OT have a “open” border, Lebanon doesnt border Jordan, Syria is not safe and the OT and Lebanese border is very much closed, hence the new passport).


    If you’ve read so far, and you would want to come along with Liz and me, please note it down below. Some time in the next month we could come together and discuss things.

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    Is august not a bit warm?


    Yes, so preferably it would be either in September or October.


    I have always wanted to go to Beirut (although mostly for the awesome coast,city and culture), so if you were going to lebannon i might be keen. I havn’t done any climbing of late although i might get back into it and if i were going on a trip i would refresh myself on basics/esentials and put in some wall/hill time. If you are planning a technically difficult, hardcore, two week, sketchy mountaineering trip leave me out, but if you are thinking of more of a gigantic hike/excursion with some climbing aspect I would be interested. Im not as keen on jordan or occupied territorys. Any who lemme know your thoughts and what you have in mind.

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